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Pentti Järvenpää fonds

  • Fonds
  • 2020-2023

Three PDF documents relating to Pentti (Ben) Järvenpää's (1925-2020) life and memorial service. Life story document written by Pirkko Shalden and approved by Järvenpää.

Municipal Elections 2022 Web Collection

  • Collection
  • 2022

Web material related to the 2022 municipal elections in municipalities across Northwestern Ontario.

Sites crawled include those of municipalities and candidates. Candidate social media accounts include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. All sites are publicly listed as related to the election.

Reino Viitala fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1980 - 2022

Records relate to research carried out by Viitala and colleagues at Lakehead University as part of the Acidic Precipitation In Ontario Study. Field research was done at Hawkeye Lake northwest of Thunder Bay, and at Pukaskwa National Park. The records include data, photographs, reports and research papers. Some records also relate specifically to the International Symposium on Acidic Precipitation held at Muskoka on September 15-20, 1985.

Records date primarily 1980-1988, with some additional documents from 2018 and 2022.

Laure Paquette fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1996 - 2021

Records related to the academic and artistic work of Dr. Laure Paquette, a faculty member in Political Science at Lakehead University from 1994 to retirement in 2021. These documents, in digital format, reflect her teaching, writing (including texts of many articles and books), and artwork, as well as the progression of her career at Lakehead and with many other institutions and organizations.

Career, Research, and Writing

Annual reports, 1996-2021. Includes applications for awards, grants, jobs, promotion, etc. Reading lists. Writing including articles, books, plays, reviews, workshops. Video oral history recording.

Federal Election 2021 Web Collection

  • Collection
  • 2021

Web material related to the 2021 Federal Election in three northwestern Ontario ridings: Kenora, Thunder Bay-Rainy River, and Thunder Bay-Superior North. Candidate sites and social media were captured regularly throughout the election period.


Course materials organized by course number, including lecture notes, assignments, and prepared videos.


The LUF was formed in 1958 by a group of Unitarians interested in having a local fellowship. The board was made up of members that had the time and the interest in being involved with the establishment and strengthening of the fellowship.

Since incorporation in 1984, the LUF has had an executive board that is elected by the congregation at the Annual meetings. In the beginning, the board consisted of several members that met at each other's homes, and held open meetings in local community spaces up until the acquisition of their own building in 1983. When they moved into the Algoma street building in 1984, they voted to incorporate and became a fellowship within the CUC. After incorporation, the board meetings became more formal and committees began reporting to the board in a more formal fashion.

The board oversees daily and long-term operation, while under the board of directors are various committees and chairs who run programs and organize services. Majority of the board and committee members are volunteers, while there are some paid staff. Governance material includes board minutes and committee reports, financial statements, information pertaining to personnel, and CUC and UUA connection.


The LUF held their first several meetings in the homes of the Board members. As they grew and became a larger community, they started meeting at local centers and renting out halls. Finally, in 1984 they moved to their own building on Algoma St. The building was adequate, but was not the ideal location since it had poor accessibility and required constant upkeep. From the 1990s up until the late 2010s the LUF regularly discussed the prospect of a new building and sought new ways to better the Algoma building.

City of Thunder Bay COVID-19 Response

  • Fonds
  • 2020

Documents the public information-sharing of the City of Thunder Bay during the COVID-19 pandemic beginning March 2020. Videos include Community Addresses with Mayor Bill Mauro, and press events.

Claude Liman fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1961 - 2020

Personal and professional writing of Dr. Claude Liman, professor of English at Lakehead University. His work focused on teaching American Literature, poetry and creative writing at Lakehead.

The contents of his journals include daily life, and reflections on teaching and his career. The letters chronicle his private and professional life, and include correspondence both sent and received.The records also reflect his involvement in sports, particularly skiing, but also golf, cycling, and running.

Records have been arranged into four series: Journals, Letters, Writing, and Teaching.

Canadian Injured Workers Alliance fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1988 - 2020

The Canadian Injured Workers Alliance was founded in 1990 as an umbrella organization of injured workers' groups across Canada. It has engaged in advocacy, research, and the creation of educational information for members. Records relate to the labour movement, disability, legal and legislative rights for workers, and the operation of the organization.

Lakehead University Collective Agreements

  • Collection
  • 1987 - 2020

Collective agreements between the Board of Governors of Lakehead University and Lakehead University Faculty Association (LUFA), 1987-2020. Also LUFA By-Laws and agreements between the Board of Governors of Lakehead University and the Office & Professional Employees' International Union Local 81.

Internal Planning

The LUF mission statement is "Together in liberal religious community, we grow in spirit, nurture inclusive relationships, and act for a just and sustainable world." The board's main attention has been on how to grow as a fellowship and how to best serve members of the community. They have always met regularly to discuss their position and role in the community and how to contribute to the growth of Thunder Bay. They work to bring people together to provide services and create opportunities. This subseries includes material that reveal their commitment to the strengthening of their congregation and how they actively worked to bring people together. Includes LUF specific AGM reports and congregational evaluations, and Sunday Service committee planning.

"Strategic Planning"

Files from original order. The Strategic Planning committee drafted and revised the mission statements and vision for the LUF. They surveyed the needs and wants of the congregation and of the Thunder Bay community as a whole. They outlined future plans and made recommendations for what the board and other committees should prioritize.

Lakehead Unitarian Fellowship fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1958-2020

Records relate to the establishment and operation of the Lakehead Unitarian Fellowship in Thunder Bay, Ontario. They reflect matters concerning Port Arthur, Fort William, and Thunder Bay; and the development of Unitarianism and its institutions in North America more broadly.

The LUF is a non-profit organization that was incorporated into the Canadian Unitarian Council in 1984; after incorporation, the materials become more formal and there is more paperwork pertaining to the fellowships organization and governance.

The material includes reports, correspondence, newspaper clippings, photo negatives, floor plans for building, pamphlets and brochures, and several CDs, which included photographs and videos from special events. Majority of the materials are LUF specific, while there is also material pertaining to neighboring Unitarian organizations in Canada and America, and to the broader Unitarian Universalist Association\ Canadian Unitarian Council. Some records are specific to individuals while others relate to the entire fellowship.

Algoma building

These files include correspondence pertaining to the search for a building, the legal paperwork surrounding the acquisition of the building, how they financed it, the renovations that were planned and renovations that actually occurred, and insurance information. Includes floor plans and drawings of the building of the Algoma building. Older material on the initial purchase of building is found with historical material.

Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre COVID-19 Response

  • Fonds
  • 2020

Documents the public information-sharing of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre during the COVID-19 pandemic beginning March 2020. Daily updates relate to the hospital's readiness and operations, and testing and detection of COVID-19 in the Thunder Bay region. The records include text updates and video interviews with hospital leadership and others.

"Historical Material"

Includes lectures from the UUA Historical society, newspaper clippings, photo negatives, and reports. This material was received with sticky notes telling the administrator to store it with 'history and archive binders' and files labeled 'history.' Includes newspaper clippings and photographs, and older material on the initial purchase of the building.

Lakehead University Web Collection

  • Collection
  • 2017 - 2019

Sites crawled include the web and social media presence of Lakehead University, and associated organizations (including students, faculty, and alumni groups.)

The Argus
Bora Laskin Faculty of Law
Lakehead Athletics
Lakehead University
Lakehead University Alumni Association
Lakehead University Archives
Lakehead University Bookstore
Lakehead University Campus Recreation
Lakehead University Faculty Association
Lakehead University Library
Lakehead University Student Union
LU Radio
Thunderwolves Hockey

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