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Club History

This series consists of copied newspaper clippings, notes, and other records detailing the history of the club. The series is composed of the following files:
-Club History/Wild Flowers of Thunder Bay (Box 1, File 16)
-Information on Past Presidents, 1933-82 (Box 1, File 17)
-Claude Garton the Person and Achievements (Box 1, File 18)
-Newspaper Clippings (Box 1, File 19)


This series consists of newsletters, newsletter supplements, correspondence and general announcements.
-First Newsletter, 1947 (Box 1, File 22)
-Annual Meeting and Event Announcements, 1940-85 (Box 1, File 23)
-Supplement No. 2, 1961 “Birds of the Canadian Lakehead Area” (Box 1, File 24)
-Supplement No. 3, 1977 “Fishes of the Lake Superior Basin Within Thunder Bay District” (Box 1, File 25)
-Correspondence, 1985-88 (Box 1, File 26)
-Your Club News, 1988 (Box 1, File 27)


This series consists of correspondence and notes related to the club’s lobbying for wildlife protection, and involvement in wildlife related projects. The series is composed of the following files:
-Lobbying, 1977-89 (Box 1, File 33)

Outline of Early History

Article entitled "Outline of Early History" describes early Port Arthur Finnish organizations and their beginnings. (3 copies); Manuscript by Varpu Lindstrom-Best entitled "The Finnish Immigrant Community of Toronto 1887- 1913" (1979) - history of Finns in Toronto area; Manuscript by Department of Social and Economic History, University of Helsinki, entitled "Some Aspects of Urbanization in Finland and Canada During Two Periods of Overseas Migration: A Comparative Study on Social and Economic Background Influencing Immigrants from Finland to Canada: 1896-1913; 1949-61". (1974); Leaflet, by the Immigration History Research Center of the University of Minnesota entitled "Strangers m the Land: The Experience of the Immigrant Finns" - brief history about Finnish settlers in Minnesota.


Manuscript entitled "Lappe" written by Chris Kouhi, describes the history of Lappe (1974, 3 copies); 2
photocopied newspaper articles entitled "New fire tower for Gorham" with picture of tower being built and "Oma tupa, oma lupa" (own home, own law) poem written by Valter Juva.

"Alppila" (2 copies)

Manuscript entitled "Alppila" (2 copies); Interviews with Mr. & Mrs. Herneshuhta, Mrs. Wiita, Mr. J. Kivisto, Mr. & Mrs. Rekola, some of the early settlers to Alppila; Song about Alppila entitled "Alppila Kontri"; Names, addresses, lot number, acres and prices paid by early settlers; History of Alppila school; List of Alppila residents in 1936.


Manuscript entitled "Devon" (area is also known as Jackpine); Interviews with some of the early residents of the area; List of Finnish residents of Devon in 1936; List of teachers at Devon school 1937-61; Petition for school Devon S.S. #1, 1934.

Collection of Books and Booklets Relating to Fitness and Athletics

Book entitled "Tie Terveyteen ja Kauneudeen" written by Hilma Jalkanen and Helvi Salminen (1929). Contains exercises for women to keep in shape; Book entitled "Uusi Naisvoimistelu" written by Hilma Jalkanen ( 1931). Exercises for women to stay in shape; Tickets to the Finnish Athletic Club Nahjus performance and dances; Athletic achievement record card from the Finnish Athletic Club Nahjus; Travel brochure to see the Olympic games held in Helsinki and also tour Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and France (1952); Booklet entitled "XV Olympia, Helsinki 19. 7-3.8.1952" contains the competition results for the Olympic Games held in Helsinki in 1952.

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