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Amerikan Laulajat fonds Subseries
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1956 Tour

Subseries: Records from the Amerikan Laulajat Organization in 1956, detailing various aspects of the 1956 tour of Finland, including tour schedules, finances, newspaper clippings and photographs. This was the first tour of Finland conducted by the Amerikan Laulajat.

1964 Tour

Subseries: The subseries consists of textual and graphic records pertaining to the Amerikan Laulajat's second Finnish Concert Tour of 1964. The documents range in type, from programs, to schedules, to photographs.

1971 Tour

Subseries: The subseries details the third Amerikan Laulajat Concert Tour, which took place in 1971. The records are in a variety of media, and include: trip reports, finances, correspondence and photographs.

1976 U.S. Bicentennial

Subseries: Details the correspondence from 1975 and 1976 regarding the festivities around the U.S. Bicentennial in 1956. The main event for the Amerikan Laulajat was the 1976 Finnish-American Bicentennial Festival in Hancock, Michigan.

1978 Tour

Subseries: The subseries revolves around the 1978 Amerikan Laulajat Tour of Finland. Finances, Correspondence, Trip Schedules are among the documents included. Also included are graphic pictures and clippings, as well as a cassette.

1983 Tour

Subseries: Textual and graphic records of the 1983 Tour of Finland by the Amerikan Laulajat. Concert programs, clippings, and planning notes make up the majority of the series. Also included is a cassette of the concert program. The 1983 tour was the fifth tour of Finland by the Amerikan Laulajat.

Executive Correspondence

Subseries: Records detailing executive correspondence between various executive members of the Amerikan Laulajat. The correspondence ranges from 1967-1986, and is in various mediums.

1988 Tour

Subseries: Multi-media records detailing the sixth concert tour of Finland in 1988. Various mediums of records exist in the subseries, including but not limited to: Correspondence, photographs, programs, cassettes and newspaper clippings. Approximately 386 photographs exist in the subseries.

Finnish Choirs in North America

Subseries: Textual records of Finnish Choirs performing in America and their relationship to the Amerikan Laulajat. The majority of the subseries is correspondence, and some of the notable choirs include Male Choir Days and Poor Knights. Photographs are also included.

1992 Tour

Subseries: Textual, graphic, and sound recording records from the Amerikan Laulajat's seventh concert tour of Finland in 1992. The materials come in many forms, including but not limited to: correspondence, photographs, programs and cassettes.

Financial Records

Subseries: The financial records of the Amerikan Laulajat organization, all of which relate to one of their nine concert tours in Finland. The financial records range from 1956-1996. Also included is membership fees. The subseries is arranged chronologically.


Subseries: Sheet music, song lyrics, and general music information from the Amerikan Laulajat Organization. The contents in this subseries were created from 1964 through 1996. The music arises from several different male choirs under the Amerikan Laulajat.

1996 Tour

Subseries: Multi-media records on the eighth concert tour of Finland by the Amerikan Laulajat in 1996. The records take many forms, such as correspondence, programs, and photograph. Also included is the preparation for the tour.

Meeting Minutes

Subseries: Records detailing meeting minutes of the Amerikan Laulajat, an umbrella organization for Finnish Male Choirs in North America, ranging from 1960-1997. The meeting minutes are derived from the various locations of the Amerikan Laulajat, and are arranged chronologically throughout the subseries.

Other Events

Subseries: Miscellaneous information regarding the Amerikan Laulajat organization. The records in this subseries belong either to multiple events or none, and are generally a random assortment of odds and ends from the organization. Both textual and graphic records are contained.


Subseries: General records from the Amerikan Laulajat. The records derive from the Amerikan Laulajat organization, an umbrella organization for Finnish Male Choirs, and their various internal actions from 1956-2001, including by-laws, membership, publications, newspaper clippings and history. The Amerikan Laulajat organization holds at least ten minimum choirs in North America, and as hosted several Finnish choirs touring North America. The records are arranged by activity and are further arranged chronologically.

2002 Tour

Subseries: The subseries contains various mediums of documents detailing the ninth concert tour of Finland by the Amerikan Laulajat in 2002. For the first time in the Amerikan Laulajat collection, the use of emails as a method of correspondence appears. Further records include compact discs (CDs) and schedules of the concert tour.