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227 National Character English

Overhead Projector transparencies. Canadians and Americans: A Comparative Analysis, by Stephen J. Arnold and Douglas J. Tigert, 1974. How Do We Know that Times are Improving in Canada? Dr. Schroeter

227 The Canadian Experiment

The Multiculturalist Misunderstanding (in the New York Review), by K. Anthony Appiah, Oct. 9, 1997. Communique: Canadian Studies Vol. 3 No. 1 October 1976. Dr. Schroeter


Sociology of Knowledge and the Ethics of Science (In German), by Nico Stehr and Volker Meja, 1982. Knowledge and Society: Contemporary Perspectives on the Sociology of Knowledge, by Nico Stehr and Volker Meja, 1983. Mannheim and Conservatism: About the Origins of Historicism (In German), by David Kettler, Voker Meja and Nico Stehr, 1984. Karl Mannheim and Conservatism: The Ancestry of Historical Thinking, by David Kettler, Volker Meja and Nico Stehr, 1984.


The Overcoming of Positivism in German Sociology of the Present (In German), by Alfred Vierkandt, 1926. Review of the Sociology of Alfred Vierkandt (In German), by Gottfried Eisermann, 1968. Economy and Politics in Opposite Terms and Agreement (In German), by Alfred Vierkandt, 1931. Program of a Formal Social Science (In German), by Alfred Vierkandt. Theory of the Group; The Basic Properties of the Group (In German), by Alfred Vierkandt, 1928. Sociology, Major Problems with Philosophical Sociology (In German), by Alfred Vierkandt, 1923.


Domination, Planning and Technology; Essays on Political Sociology, Edited and Commented by Elfriede

Protestantische Ethik

What is Protestant Ethics about? An Attempt to Better Understand Max Weber (In German), by Hartmann Tyrell. Social and Ideological History of Sociology (In German). Dr. Schroeter

Stehr 1988

The Authority of Discourse and the Discourse of Authority: Social Scientists, the Social Question and Religion in Industrial Society, by Nico Stehr, 1988. Correspondence between Dr. Schroeter and Nico Stehr.

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