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Oscar Styffe fonds English
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Oscar Styffe fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1929 - 1969

A prominent businessman who operated a timber firm as well as Gravel and Lake Services Ltd in Port Arthur. The collection consists of correspondence, ledgers, scrapbooks, pamphlets and photographs primarily related to the timber industry.

Records are arranged into the following series:

33-15 Workmen's Compensation Board, Lumbermen's Safety Association

Statement of payments & awards by Workmen's Compensation Board during the first half of 1946 for employees of Oscar Styffe Ltd. Accident reports of individual claimants describing how and what injury occurred between January 1946 and January 1947. Report of proceedings of the 30th Annual Meeting of the Lumbermen's Safety Association held at the Empire Hotel, North Bay, Ontario on Monday April 8, 1946. Minutes of the Lumbermen's Safety Association meeting held at the Prince Arthur Hotel, Port Arthur, Ontario on October 4, 1946. January 1946 - January 1947.

33-16 Marathon Paper Mills of Canada

Letters between Oscar Styffe Ltd., and Marathon Paper Mills of Canada dated January 25 & 26, 1946 re: error in compensation overcharge by Oscar Styffe Ltd., and reimbursement to Marathon Paper Co. Jan. 1946.

33-18 Land in McTavish Township

List of lots and acreage in the McTavish Township. Correspondence between Oscar Styffe Ltd. & McComber & McComber Barristers of Port Arthur, Ontario re: requests for barristers to confirm land ownership titles of McTavish Township lots. Correspondence re: findings of title searches for concession lots of the McTavish Township Properties, re: retainer fee for McComber & McComber services, re: agreement of land sale of Harold Olsen, re: obtaining consent from widow Mrs. Edward G. Styffe for the purchase of the family house by Hobart H. Styffe. Ledger folio of services rendered by McComber & McComber for Oscar Styffe Ltd., for 1944. 1945, 1946.

33-32 Ontario Royal Commission on Forestry

Correspondence from Commissioner Howard Kennedy of the Ontario Royal Commission on Forestry to Oscar Styffe Ltd., dated Sept. 16, 1946 asking for completion of the questionnaire on the operations of Oscar Styffe Ltd., including number of mills, area & location of timber lands, acres cut for each year from 1941-42 to 1945-46, who receives the wood, and amount of wood exported. 1941-1946.

33-33 Inventory and Supplies

Camp supply order forms between April to Sept. 1946 provides amounts & cost of supplies for Camps 22, 21 in Umfreville and Camps 5, 8,9, 10 in Ancliff. Inventory list for Port Arthur Warehouse as of December 31, 1946.

33-42 Costs - Boats, Meals

Statement and correspondence between Oscar Styffe Ltd., Mr. W. A. Seaman, and Mr. Pederson regarding the cost of meals that were supplied to Mr. Seaman's crew. Statement and correspondence from Oscar Styffe Ltd., to Mr. H. Willett regarding the cost of storing Willett's boat on Oscar Styffe Ltd.'s property. Statement from Oscar Styffe Ltd. to Mr. Fenton Ross regarding the cost of moving Ross' boat to the end of Dock #5. December 1945 - August 1946.

33-44 Statute Labour Tax

Correspondence from Oscar Styffe Ltd., to Mr. Emil Blixt (Secretary of Road Commissioners, Kivikoski, Ontario) regarding the payment of Statute Labour tax and arrears for which Oscar Styffe Ltd., is liable. Correspondence from Oscar Styffe Ltd., to Mr. A Niitynen (Secretary of Road Commissioners, Kaministiquia, Ontario) regarding the payment of Statute Labour tax and arrears for which Oscar Styffe Ltd., is liable. Correspondence and a reply between Oscar Styffe Ltd., and Mr. Emil Blixt regarding the clarification of amounts owing by Oscar Styffe Ltd. May - June 1946.

33-49 Thunder Bay Timber Operators Association, Lumber and Sawmill Workers Union, Ontario Forest Industries Association

Correspondence (letters), Union proposals, lists of wages, forms, telegraph, strike bulletin, meeting bulletin between Oscar Styffe Ltd. and the Thunder Bay Timber Operators Association; between Oscar Styffe Ltd., and the Lumber and Sawmill Workers Union; and between Oscar Styffe Ltd., and Mr. A. J. Auden (Chairman, Executive Council, Thunder Bay Zone Committee, Ontario Forest Industries Association). May 1946 - January 1947.

33-50 Strike

Strike bulletins, strike memos, letters dealing with a strike, lists of wage rates, statement of receipts and disbursements, meeting bulletins, by-laws, between Oscar Styffe Ltd., Thunder Bay Timber Operators Association, and Ontario Forest Industries Association dealing with the strike of the workers. June - December 1946.

33-51 Finances

A reminder list of the due dates of money owed to Industrial Acceptance Corp., Traders Finance Corp., Canadian Acceptance Corp., Commercial Credit Corp., and Bonin-Dobie-Jackson. December 1946?

33-63 Truck Rental

Statement receipt stating that Oscar Styffe Ltd., paid to C. W. Bjornson $200 as an advance on a truck rental. February 1947.

33-65 Insurance

Correspondence (letters) from Oscar Styffe Ltd., to Bonin-Dobie-Jackson Ltd., regarding insurance for various Oscar Styffe Ltd., vehicles. January - October 1947.

33-66 Brochures for Equipment

Bulletins, brochures, pamphlets, letters for tractors, hoists, snowmobiles, inter-com systems, trucks, rollers, engines - equipment from campanies including: The Canadian Fairbanks-Morse Co. Ltd., Northland Machinery Supply Co. Ltd., Pigott Truck & Tractor Co. Ltd., Provincial Engineering Ltd., Bombardier, Powell Equipment Co. Ltd., Twin City Industrial Equipment Ltd., C.H.&E. Manufacturing Co., Coslett Machinery & Equipment Co., International Harvester Company of Canada Ltd., W. H. Cunningham and Hill Ltd., S. H. Leventhal & Co. Machinery Agents, Kralinator Products Ltd., and Russel-Hipwell Engines Ltd. 1945-1947.

34-7 Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce

Correspondence with the Chamber of Commerce; minutes of board of directors meeting, chamber briefs. Petition for a highway commission, monthly report to the membership of the Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce, February 5, 1947.

34-13 Receipts, Invoices

Acknowledgments of various products received. Receipts from Marshall Wells wholesale an retail hardware and groceries. Invoices from Imperial Oil Ltd., Canadian Pacific Express, and British American Oil Company. 1947.

34-16 Ancliffe: Camp #9, Camp #5

Report on peeled poplar cut by O. Styffe Ltd., at Camp 9, Ancliffe, summer 1946, Camp 5 Ancliffe. Letters from G. R. Duncan & Co. Ltd. Real Estate Insurance Co., to John Styffe of Oscar Styffe Ltd., re: clearance covering wood removed from lots. 1947.

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