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Claude Garton Herbarium fonds English
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Claude Garton Herbarium fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1935 - 2016

Records include:

  • Collection records and slides produced by Claude Garton
  • Site-specific information
  • Correspondence between the Herbarium, collectors, curators, and external groups


Correspondence between Claude E. Garton and various universities, museums, and other scientists. Also correspondence of Erica North, Joan Crowe, and Terri McClymont.

Files A-F in Box 14; G-Mic in Box 15; Min-R in Box 16; S-W in Box 17.

Site-Specific Information

Information about specific sites visited or studied by members of the Claude E. Garton Herbarium, as well as correspondence concerning their preservation and arranging visits.

Files A-K in Box 9; L-O in Box 10; O-P in Box 11; Q-S in Box 12; S-W in Box 13.


Photographic slide collection of vascular plants from the Thunder Bay District, from the Claude Garton Herbarium, with index featuring 245 different species, a container with non-vascular plant slides (approx. 36), a container with splachnum rubrum (2 slides), a container with “problem slides” (21 slides)

Division Pteridophyta
• Lycopodiaceae: “Clumbuss Family”
• Selaginellaceae: “Spike Moss Family”

Class Equisetopsida
• Equisetaceae: “Horse Tail Family”

Class Pteropsida – Ferns
• Ophioglossaceae: Succulent Ferns
• Osmundaceae: “Flowering Fern Family”
• Aspideaceae: “True Fern Family”
• Aspleniaceae: “Spleenwort Famly”

Division Spermatophyta

Class Gymnospermae
• Cupressaceae: “Juniper Family”
• Pinaceae: Pine Family”

Herbarium Diary 1985-

General notes from herbarium, including plant inventories and notes on the intake of new specimen from other universities.
March 21st, 1985 - February 26th, 1991


Memo sent by W.D. (Bill) Addison (Parks for Tomorrow) and response from Vincent G. Kerrio (Minister) MNR concerning the preservation of parks (in terms of hunting, fishing, etc.), Wetlands Evaluations by the Lakehead Region Conservation Authority for Arthur Bog and the Thunder Bay Harbour Marshes, newspaper clipping: “Resort at odds with frail park” by Louise MacLennan (Dec. 10th 1988), newspaper clipping: “Fire the tool to best manage moose” by Bruce Hyer (Dec. 17th 1988), newspaper clipping: “Yuppie ‘Parkies’ no friends to moose” by Dan Baughman (Dec. 10th 1988) all from The Chronicle Journal

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