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Oscar Styffe fonds
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Oscar Styffe fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1929 - 1969

A prominent businessman who operated a timber firm as well as Gravel and Lake Services Ltd in Port Arthur. The collection consists of correspondence, ledgers, scrapbooks, pamphlets and photographs primarily related to the timber industry.

Records are arranged into the following series:

45-26 Equipment, Price Lists

McCulloch Adjustment Notice for returned pumps and acknowledgement note, 1953. Price list for spruce and jack pine lumber sent to J. H. McLennan Lumber Co. Ltd, Port Arthur, Ontario, 1953.

45-32 Ontario Forest Industries Association

Cover letter from the Ontario Forest Industries Association re expenditures in connection with negotiations between a group of woods operators and the Lumber and Sawmill Workers' Union, 1953. Correspondence with Ontario Forest Industries Association re Agreement Forms for "jumpers", 1953. Ontario Forest Industries Association monthly report of Woods Labour for Oscar Styffe Limited for January to December 1953. Completed Task Committee Form #4 for January to December 1953.

45-36 Liberal Association Matters

Letters with the Rt. Hon. C.D. Howe, Minister of Trade and Commerce concerning the purchase of ties by Canadian National Railways, 1953. Letter from the Ontario Liberal Association concerning suggestions to the Natural Resources Committee, December 18, 1953. Correspondence with the Minister of Trade and Commerce, Ottawa, Mr. Coghlan, Confederation Life Assurance Co., Port Arthur, Ontario and Mr. John Styffe, President of the Port Arthur Liberal Association re recommending cartage companies for a contract to handle freight packages being brought to the Examining Warehouse at Fort William, Ontario, 1953. Page 1& 2 of the Financial Post, Toronto, June 20, 1953. Liberal newsletter for February & March, 1953. Letters concerning delegates for the June 27, 1953 convention of the Port Arthur Liberal Association. Agenda and minutes of various meetings, 1953. Industrial budget for 1953.

45-37 Port Arthur Curling Club

By-laws for The Port Arthur Curling and Athletic Club, Inc. Rough copies of financial reports, 1953. Letter from John Styffe, Chairman, Lakehead Bonspeil to Mr. Gavin Hamilton, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 4th prize winner, June 22, 1953. Letter to the Chairman of the Board, Port Arthur Curling Club, Inc. concerning the matter of adjustment of the Brayshaw account, June 12, 1953.

45-40 Equipment and Supplies

Brochures, catalogues, advertisements, price lists and auction sale notices for equipment, tools and supplies used by pulpwood and lumbering operations. 1953.

46-5 Business Correspondence "S" - Timber Purchases, Employee Issues

Letters between Mr. Thomas C. Short and Oscar Styffe Limited re possible purchase of timber from Mr. Short's acreage, 1953. Letters between Stead & Lindstrom Limited, Fort William and Oscar Styffe Limited re quotations for lumber, 1953. Employee requests for income tax slips (T4), 1953. Letters between Starratt Transportation Limited, Hudson, Ontario and Oscar Styffe Limited re various matters concerned with payment of certain flights during January to March 1953. Letter to St. Anselme Foundry from Oscar Styffe Limited re their Marvelex Planer, January 29, 1953. Telegrams between Sovereign film Distributors re borrowing of films, January 1953.

46-16 United States Consulate General, Upper Canada Lumber Company

Letters to the United States Consulate General, Winnipeg, Manitoba in connection with employees wishing to visit the United States, 1953. Letter to Upper Canada Lumber Company, Toronto, Ontario providing quotations on milling rates at Oscar Styffe's planing mill in Port Arthur, Ontario, January 1953.

46-31 Abitibi Power and Paper Company, Ltd.

Correspondence between Abitibi Power and Paper Company, Limited, Port Arthur, Ontario and Oscart Styffe Limited re the exchange of tie blocks and spruce pulpwood, March 1954. Information concerning the need for and difficulty in obtaining paid advertising in Bush News. Letters between Abitibi Power and Paper Company, Limited and Oscar Styffe Limited re the agreements for the shipment spruce and jack pine wood to Abitibi, 1954. Correspondence between Abitibi Power and Paper Company, Limited and Oscar Styffe Limited concerning the inauguration of Abitibi's Woodlands Laboratory, 1954.

46-34 Applications for Employment

Applications for employment with Oscar Styffe Limited during 1954, giving name of applicant, position desired and address and/or phone number. Some have notations added by Oscar Styffe personnel. 1954.

46-37 Inventories, Telephone Services, Employee Issues

Letter from Oscar Styffe Limited to F.H. Black & Co., Chartered Accountants, Port Arthur, Ontario concerning inventories of pulpwood and lumber as of December 31, 1953, dated May 13, 1954. Correspondence with The Bell Telephone Company of Canada, North Bay, Ontario concerning telephone service at Umfreville, Ontario. Correspondence with the Hudson's Bay Company, Hudson on behalf of Mr. Dave Bunting and Mr. Charlie Bull who worked for a short time at Umfreville for Oscar Styffe Limited. Correspondence in connection with various employee matters, such as current addresses, recommendations, etc. 1954.

47-3 Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce

The Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce Chamber Briefs, May 1954. Agenda and propsed budget for 1954 for a meeting of the Industrial Committee of the Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce, February 15/53. Report No. 13 of the Civic Industrial Board, Dec. 18, 1953. 1953-1954.

47-12 Canada Ore Lands

Correspondence concerning the cruising of lands under license to Canada Ore Lands plus a map of the areas, June 15, 1954.

47-14 Danish Issues

During 1954 Mr. John Styffe served as the Acting Vice-Consul for Denmark and the contents of this folder concerns the business connected with this position such as correspondence concerning obtaining or renewing passports and visas; correspondence concerning individuals such as Mr. John Mahrt (Mart) Deceased, Mr. Allan Bjorn Pinner and Ejvind William Jensen; list of fees in Danish and Canadian currency for various services. 1954.

47-19 Department of Lands and Forests

Notes on a meeting of the White Paper Committee with the Department of Lands and Forests, August 24, 1954. Land Use Permit for an all weather road in Harrington Township and in Hardwick Township. Final Scaler's Report with completed Scaler's Return forms for Harrington Township for the 1953-54 season. Notice of Sale of Timber in the Loch Erne Area of Haines Township by the Department of Lands and Forests, Toronto, Ontario, June 16, 1954. Annual meeting (April 30, 1954) and Section Activities (1953-54) of the Canadian Institute of Forestry, Northwestern Ontario Section. Correspondence with the District Forester, Department Lands and Forests, Sioux Lookout, Ontario concerning fire fighting resources in the Sioux Lookout Forest District. 1953 Annual Project Summary of the Northwestern Ontario Committee on Co-ordinated Research, March 1954. Letter to the Regional Forester, Department of Lands and Forests, Port Arthur, Ontario concerning information on cutting hardwood on a portable mill. 1953-1954.

47-30 Department of Lands and Forests

Correspondence with the Ontario Department of Lands and Forests, Toronto, Ontario concerning a meeting in connection with reforestation on unlicensed lands in Northern Ontario. Permission for Mr. Charles Doman, Fort William, Ontario to go to Camp 2, Silver Islet to demonstrate Pioneer and Homelite Power Saws. Letters of recommendation for some employees. 1954.

47-37 Umfreville Operations

Correspondence with Mr. Oliver Greer, Phoenix, Arizona concerning licences, contracts obtained and hoped for, and the general state of business for the Umfreville operation, 1954.

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