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Douglas Fisher fonds
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Douglas Fisher fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1957 - 2006

Douglas Fisher was a politician and journalist from Northwestern Ontario. He served as Member of Parliament for Port Arthur from 1957 to 1965, representing the CCF and then NDP.

These papers largely consist of correspondence from his time as MP, and cover a range of subjects, most notably including: transportation, shipbuilding, shipbuilding industries and the St. Lawrence Seaway; labour; House of Commons documentation; and Canadian Federal Politics in general.


Agricultural Rehabilitation and Development Act: News Clippings, the plan for ARDA, press statements, Report No. 1 by the Canada Land Inventory, titled “Objectives, Scope and Organization”, newsletters, copies of parts of the acts, correspondence on the act, a presentation by the Thunder Bay Livestock Marketing Association regrading ARDA, a copy of Bill C-4, meeting minutes. This bill was introduced by Mr. Fisher. 1962-1965.

Department of Agriculture: Correspondence, statistics on Northwestern Ontario Agriculture (1951,1956), Summary and Conclusions on strengthening the position of Agriculture in the Thunder Bay District including statistics and reports (1931, 1951,1956), Brief to The Agricultural Marketing Enquiry Committee of Ontario, 1960, heavily damaged correspondence with the Department of Agricultural over various topics, 1960-1965.

Air Transport Board

Correspondence, Department of Transportation costs and correspondence, newspaper clippings, questions posed by Mr. Fisher to the Department of Transportation and their answers, Statement of Air Transport Board Report (1959), a letter to John Diefenbaker from the Air Industries and Transport Association of Canada, 1960

Andras, Robert

Correspondence with Robert Andras of Gibson Motors, two press releases from Robert Andras (1976), news clippings, a biography, correspondence between Andras and LUSU over potential protests of his honorary degree, Statement by Andras (President of the Treasury Board) on Expenditure Cuts (1978), Statement by Andras (President of the Treasury Board) on The Availability to the Public of Departmental and Agency Official Languages Policy Implementation Plans (1978), newspaper clippings written by Mr. Fisher on Andras, further news releases, notes for a speech by Mr. Andras (1976), statement on Performance Measure made by Mr. Andras.

Argue, Hazen

Newspaper, press releases, and correspondence related to Hazen Argue and their resignment.


Correspondence regarding the CPR agency of Auden, Ontario. 1964.

Auto Industry

Newspaper Clippings, press reports and correspondence regarding the auto industry and the rise of auto collisions.


Newspaper Clippings, articles, reports, research and various miscellaneous documents discussing automation and the advancement of technology.

Automobile Insurance

Correspondence and newspaper clippings related to Automobile insurance. Also included were acts related to auto insurance, and briefs from the government on it.


Correspondence with David Bishop of the University of Wisconsin, with two accompanying articles: “A Study of Canadians Enrolled in American Universities and Colleges: Preliminary Statement” and “Equalitarian and Elite Values in Canadian Education” (1964)

Breton. Oliver

Correspondence with and regarding Oliver Breton. An Oliver Breton C.C.F. Candidate advertisement. A written report of a speech Mr. Breton had given. (1959-1962).

BNA Acts

“ A Consolidation of The British North America Acts 1967-1952 “, prepared by Elmer Driedger (1957), “The Canadian Constitution: A Study of the written and unwritten features of our system of government”, by W.J. Lawson (1960), twelve articles that appeared in the “London Free Press” in late September-early October 1964. Several newspaper clippings are also included.

Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers

Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers correspondence, “Statement on Declaration of Intent Canadian National Railways to Unilaterally Operate Crews Through Recognized Terminals”, a memorandum concerning the CPR vs the Brotherhood of Locomotive Fireman and Enginemen, correspondence, various other miscellaneous documents regarding the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and and Enginemen.

Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen

Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen correspondence, transcript of proceedings in the Applications for Certification in several boards and unions, and further correspondence.

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