Finnish Labour Temple Community Collection

After the fire at the Finnish Labour Temple in December 2021, we saw many people sharing beautiful photographs of the building, the Hoito Restaurant, performances, and more.

The Lakehead University Archives would like to create a digital collection of photographs from the community. Photos taken by you and your family, from any point in its history, from construction in 1910 to the aftermath of the fire. These will, we hope, complement our photograph collections from the Thunder Bay Finnish Canadian Historical Society, reflecting the earlier years of the Labour Temple.

If you'd like to contribute, you can:

  • Link to photos that you've posted publicly (such as on Facebook), giving us permission to download copies
  • Send photos to Lakehead University Archives on Facebook or Twitter
  • Send photos to


By participating, you're giving us permission to keep copies of the photographs, share them with researchers, and potentially post them online. We'll be sure to attribute them to you. Please get in touch if you have concerns or want to share photographs with other conditions attached.