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Oscar Styffe fonds
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53-12 Local Business, Seasonal Unemployment, Equipment

Letter from Merchants Distributors Limited, Wholesale, Fort William, Ontario concerning a rumour about Chapples selling their interests in Merchants Distributors Limited, October 1956. Correspondence with Mr. H. L. Moffatt, Port Arthur, Ontario concerning G.M. Jorgenston, April 1956. Information from the Ministry of Labour, Ottawa, Ontario concerning seasonal unemployment, August 1956. Correspondence with Mumford, Medland, Limited, Winnipeg, Manitoba concerning a Parts book for a Paramount Pump, Serial No. 1C0996, May 1956. Correspondence with Marshall-Wells Company Ltd., Port Arthur, Ontario concerning invoices sent in error, May 1956.

53-15 Contracts

Correspondence with Max Naumann & Sons Limited, Dinorwic, Ontario concerning a contract, June 1956. Statements re 1955 and 1955-56 contracts, May 1956. Correspondence concerning an increase in their contract, January 1956.

53-27 Port Arthur Liberal Constituency Association

Correspondence with the Port Arthur Liberal Constituency Association, Port Arthur, Ontario concerning a report from the Lakehead House Builders' Association, 1956. Correspondence and information concerning the annual meeting of the Northwestern Ontario District Liberal Association, November 3, 1956.

53-28 Pulpwood

Inquiries concerning buying or supplying pulpwood from various companies and individuals, 1956.

53-30 Provincial Police, Public Trustee, Property, Employee Issues

Letter to Provincial Police Detachment, Ignace, Ontario concerning an accident on the Great Lakes Paper road, December 1956. Correspondence between The Public Trustee, Toronto, Ontario and Emil Turrie, Pearl, Ontario concerning the estate of George E. Malboeuf, September 1956. Expense account of T. Pickering for August, 1956. Correspondence with Mrs. Martha Peterson, Pass Lake, Ontario concerning property in Sibley Township, 1956. Statement of earnings for Martin Petersen, Port Arthur, Ontario for 1955. 1956.

53-42 Taxes, Banking, Equipment

Receipt and statement of income tax installment account, 1956. Letter to the Imperial Bank of Canada, Port Arthur, Ontario concerning the payment of a loan for a T.D. 14 International Diesel Tractor, November 1956. Renewal note for $482.54 from the Maine Lumber Products Corporation, Portland, Maine, June 1956. Conditional sale contract for a 1956 Oldsmobile sedan from Port Arthur Motors Ltd., April 1956. Notice of assessment for taxation of McTavish Township properties, 1956. Business assessment notice from The City of Port Arthur, Ontario for 6 parcels of land leased from Canadian National Railways, 1956.

54-1 Vehicle Rentals

Agreement to rent a four-ton truck from Mr. Emil Ehn, Jackpine, Ontario, December 1956. Agreement to rent a D-4 tractor from Mr. Len Stewart, Port Arthur, Ontario, December 1956. Agreement to rent a four-ton truck from Mr. R.F. Robillard, January 1956.

54-3 Hirings and Separations, Payments, Insurance

Semi-annual report of hirings and separations, 1956. Bulk payment monthly remittance forms, 1956. Receipts concerning insurance books and insurance cards, 1956. Correspondence concerning employee insurance books and Contribution Certificates, 1956.

54-8 Simpson-Sears

Correspondence with Mr. Wes Zaharia, Rhein, Saskatchewan concerning a cash order to be paid to Simpson-Sears, April 1956.

54-38 Department of Transport, Radios

Department of Transport, Ottawa Licence to Use Radio for the Roberta F and Ingrid S for 1950 and 1952 respectively. Report of pulpwood exported by raft and barge, 1956. Notice to ship station radiotelephone operators, 1956. 1956-1957.

54-43 Employee Matters, White Pine, Travel

Correspondence concerning the employment status of various individuals, 1957. Correspondence with The Elgie & Jarvis Lumber Company, Limited, Manufacturers and Wholesalers, Toronto, Ontario concerning stock lists and prices for white pine, 1957. Request for accommodation for Mr. Paul LeMay at the Empire Hotel, North Bay, Ontario, July 1957.

54-45 Equipment, Payments, Employment

Notice from The F & E Lightning Cheque Writer Sales re service of Oscar Styffe's machine, September 1957. Correspondence with Mr. John Fernhout, Port Arthur, Ontario concerning payment of his account, 1957. Correspondence with Mr. Hilding Forsberg, Sioux Lookout, Ontario concerning his lost time sheet, June 1957. Letter insuring employment for Mr. Mandarino Fransesco of Italy when he enters Canada, June 1957.

54-57 Equipment

Telegram to William Kennedy & Sons, Owen Sound, Ontario concerning urgently required propellers, Order 1025, May 1957. Letter concerning the purchase of an H M Pioneer Chain Saw by Mr. Michael Kilar. 1957.

54-63 Accidents, Safety, Lumbermen's Safety Association

Accident frequency report for 1956 for heavy logging, 1957. Report of accidents involving trucks for 1956, June 1957. Correspondence with the Lumbermen's Safety Association concerning a Tuberculosis Program, December 1957. Constitution and By-Laws of the Lumbermen's Safety Association. Minutes of various meetings, 1957. Reply cards from employees attending a meeting November 22, 1957. Rough draft of a speech given by John Styffe concerning protective helmets. Typed copy of a speech given by John Styffe concerning safety hats. Report of a speech given by John Styffe concerning the Turtle Club and the wearing of protective hard hats, April 1957. Correspondence concerning the Lateiner Courses, 1957.

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