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Library, 1968/69, 1972/73

Want list from departments includes titles and costs, Canadiana purchases General Fund, list of missing books and approval plans for current scientific monographs. Also includes meeting of Association of Colleges and Universities of Lake Superior: Librarian’s comments, postal code introduction for Northern Ontario and how to use it, personnel bulletins job positions and Lakehead University Library Notes for new faculty members

Miscellaneous items, 1967/68

Library social committee news, memos from University of Western Ontario to institutions participating in the display of paperbacks for Canadian universities sponsored by the British Council. Also includes letter from D.W. Halliwell, President of Canadian Association of Colleges and University Libraries (CACUL) to Chief Librarians regarding recommendations made in the Report of the Bladen Commission study on costs of university programmes.

Shelving 1967/68

Sunshine Office Equipment Limited, Waterloo, Ontario Bookstacks and Accessories, Series 2 net price list booklet. Also includes
inventory of steel library shelving, plus drawings, shelving parts & accessories, quotation, invoice and B.K. Johl Inc. purchase order for furniture.

Transport Air

Correspondence, reports, newspaper clippings, sessional papers and reports all regarding Transport Air. 1960-1966.

Budget 1965/66

Book expenditures by professors, library department budget summary sheets, revised budget, books on order, subscribed periodicals, department book allotments as recommended by the Budget Sub-Committee. Also includes memo on Annual report for year ending June 30th 1965.

Furniture & equipment, 1964/65

Specifications for Lakehead University Library equipment by A Walter Bernath Inc., a division of B.K. Johl Inc., consultant for Library Planning. Correspondence from Director of Libraries, University of Colorado Libraries, Ralph Ellsworth regarding comments on architectural drawings, copy of floor plan for new library, December 2, 1964.

Roedde, Helen

Correspondence with Helen Roedde, W.A. Roedde, and an NDP election pamphlet for Helen Roedde. Also included are newspaper clippings. (1960-1963).

Lakehead Symphony

Correspondence with the Lakehead Symphony, a list of the Board of Directors with addresses and phone numbers, several pieces of correspondence with J.A. Martin, Executive Secretary of the Lakehead Symphony Orchestra Association Inc., Minutes of the Lakehead Symphony Board of Directors Meeting (June 20th, 1963), Minutes of the Lakehead Symphony Board of Directors Meeting (November 22nd, 1962), Minutes of the Lakehead Symphony Board of Directors Meeting (July 11th , 1962), newspaper clippings, correspondence with attached pamphlets for the Lakehead Symphony Orchestra in its first and second concert of the 1960-61 season.

Ward, Norman

Correspondence with Norman Ward, professor of Political and Economic Science at both Queens University and the University of Saskatchewan, 1959-1960.

L. Lahtinen's correspondence with the community of Kenora

L. Lahtinen's correspondence with the community of Kenora regarding Finnish Experience, MarchJune, 1984 , Data from interviews with five elderly Finns in Kenora , Addresses and phone numbers from community of Kenora, including 25 Finnish
residents ; Copies of Marriage Registers ( 1931-1954 ), church memberships, and funeral records (1964-1967) ; Sample of L. Lahtinen's daily agenda, April 2-6, 1984 ; Article entitled "Historical Society seeks out
Finnish families in Kenora" from Daily Miner and News, Kenora, April 6, 1984 ; The Finnish Experience ad as it appeared in Daily Miner and News, April 5,1984 ; Copy of Sunset Sii;nals where Finnish Experience display announced, Vol. IV, No. 4, 1984 Pamphlet : "Kenora Shopping Mall" ; Canada Post receipt.

Waiver for Nahjus Athletes

Waiver for Nahjus athletes from 1950-53; Event waiver forms for 10 mile relay race on September 1st, 1952 and September 7th, 1953; Nahjus partial expense records for 1954; Group gymnastic exercise performance program for ·the "1948 Tyovaen Urheiluliitto Piirijuhliin" held in Helsinki; List of entries for track meet; W andrill exercise directions; Catologue entitled "Madsen Quarterly" published by Madsen MFG. Co. Volume 2, June 1952.

"Sunshine, Ontario"

Manuscript, entitled "Sunshine, Ontario" written by Matti Herneshuhta; Correspondence, expenses and cancelled cheques for Flett School (Forbes and Goldie Township) 1931-40; Orfgihal version of Matti Herneshuhta's manuscript "Sunshine, Ontario" before translation to English, photocopied from "Siirtokansan Kalenteri" 1957; Map of Sunshine area including Rowan, Finmark, Shabaqua, Kashabowie, Mabella, Shebandowan and Flett; Interviews with early residents; List of early residents (1936) of Sunshine and surrounding area; Land assessment list.

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