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Manuscript entitled "Ostola"; Interviews of early residents in area; Photocopied letter 1917 to certify birth; Map of Ostola area; List of original landowners in Ostola; Copied excerpts from S.S. #5 Mcintyre minute book 1932- 44.


Manuscript entitled "Pearson" (area also referred to as "Pine Riverin Kontri"); Map of Pearson area; Interviews with early residents of area; Brochure for Lars Olsen's log house, an example of Scandinavian architecture; Notes on East Pearson and Pardee history; U.S.S. #3 Pearson and Fraleigh Petition 1919; List of Finnish residents of Pearson in 1934.

"Sellars and Leeper"

Manuscript entitled "Sellars and Leeper"; List of Finnish residents in Sellars, Leeper area in 1936; Interview with early resident of area; List of teachers and janitors to S.S. #3 South Gillies School (1920-57); Photocopy of scrapbook made by Mrs. C. Edwards of newspaper articles about Sellars area.

"Sunshine, Ontario"

Manuscript, entitled "Sunshine, Ontario" written by Matti Herneshuhta; Correspondence, expenses and cancelled cheques for Flett School (Forbes and Goldie Township) 1931-40; Orfgihal version of Matti Herneshuhta's manuscript "Sunshine, Ontario" before translation to English, photocopied from "Siirtokansan Kalenteri" 1957; Map of Sunshine area including Rowan, Finmark, Shabaqua, Kashabowie, Mabella, Shebandowan and Flett; Interviews with early residents; List of early residents (1936) of Sunshine and surrounding area; Land assessment list.

"Suomi and Silver Mountain"

Manuscript entitled "Suomi and Silver Mountain" - background history of area (2 copies); Notes about Suomi's first settlers, schools, fires, miscellaneous trivia; Photocopied book with unknown title describes the history and present conditions of the mines in rural Thunder Bay (1902); School petitions for S.S. #1 and #2 (1916, 1918); List of 1936 Finnish residents in area; Resident information found in "Siirtokansan Kalenteri 1958"; Interviewswith early Finnish residents in area

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