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Copies of children’s stories “Muckle Sam the Sailorman” and “The Sugar Time Bear,” anthology of children’s songs, poetry, book reviews. All written by Marion Henderson; most are not dated but likely between 1974 and 1986.

Writing and Manuscripts

A mixture of notes and poems in various stages of development and copies of works such as How to Coach Creative Writing, Landing, Across the Border. Also contains a few copies of Liman's thesis: Building the American House.


Through her involvement with the Northern Woman's Bookstore and writing groups, Margaret wrote and edited poetry, short stories, and memoirs. This series includes some of her more polished works, as well as drafts and notes.

Vapaus Publishing Company

Records of the Vapaus Publishing Company, responsible for producing Vapaus newspaper and Liekki literary magazine. Includes reports, minutes, and financial records. Also includes a variety of publications.


This series consists of the treasurer’s duties, reports, and cash books. The series is composed of the following files/items:
-Treasurer’s Reports 1964-82 (Box 1, File 14)
-Treasurer’s Duties (Box 1, File 15)
-Cash Book, 1933-50 (Box 1, Item 1)
-Cash Book, 1960-67 (Box 1, Item 2)
-Cash Book, 1968-71 (Box 1, Item 3)
-Cash Book, 1972-78 (Box 1, Item 4)


Transcripts (edited, annotated, and not) of interviews with project participants. Files also frequently contain notes and correspondence.

Thunder Bay Historical Museum, Thunder Bay National Exhibition Centre

Series consist of administrative files of the Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society (TBMHS) in the early 1970s and combined administrative files of the Thunder Bay National Exhibition Centre (TBNEC), newsletters, membership lists, invitations to events and notice of meetings in 1976 and beyond.

Established in 1976 by the board of the TBHMS as a national exhibition centre, with funds from the federal government's Museum Assistance Program, the primary mandate of the TBNEC has been to research, collect and exhibit the work of contemporary First Nations artists, and to host travelling exhibition from other art galleries and museums. The gallery was expanded in 1982. In 1986, it was officially named the Thunder Bay Art Gallery. In 2005, the board of directors approved a move to promote, encourage and exhibit the works of local and regional artists. Also includes expansion plans for The National Centre for Native Art; draft agreements between the Thunder Bay Historical Society and the Finnish Canadian Historical Society to store photographs, documents, and artifacts.

The Summary of North-Shore Birds

Summaries organized by bird species of the notes taken over the years of each specific bird and their behaviours, including where/when they ate, where they were sighted, and if they were in flocks or alone.

The Ontario Legislature and Provincial Affairs, 1943-1951

This category concerns Robinson's role as M.L.A. Included is material on the work of the legislature, various government departments, and agencies, the role of the C.C.F. caucus, and C.C.F. policy, briefs by various lobbies and organizations, and background information on legislative matters. Also included is material concerning Robinson's activities as M.L.A. for Port Arthur, both in the house and in the riding. Since Robinson held civic office during this period, some of the material relates directly to civic affairs.

Television and Radio

Includes a complete run of Thunder Gay Magazine as produced for local television 1987-1991. The program addressed a variety of topics affecting LGBTQ+ people locally.

Also includes various television and radio news programs, and informational videos produced by the AIDS Committee of Thunder Bay.


Records related to teaching and courses, primarily but not exclusively taught at Lakehead University.


Course materials organized by course number, including lecture notes, assignments, and prepared videos.


Course syllabus and notes for ENGL 4811, ENGL 4813 and ENGL 3817. Contains records that show the progression of Liman's teaching career such as correspondence with his teacher, correspondence with a fellow professor at another university, journals and letters reflecting on his job, and documents from a ceremony acknowledging his teaching and poetry. Other writing included are a manuscript of a course textbook he wrote, How to Coach Creative Writing, and a few copies of his thesis: Building the American House. Some essays and articles that were written by him or his students are included as well.

TBFCHS Notes & Research

Series includes: records concerning annual celebrations of Finnish heritage and culture in different cities in the US and Canada. Booklets on People's Co-operative 1934-44 and the Finnish-Directory Thunder Bay District 1935. Various grants from Finland Society, Heritage Organization Development and Secretary of State grant for a travelling exhibit of the display panels in Northwestern Ontario. The organization and structure of the Committee on Finnish-Canadian Studies at Lakehead University 1975 and various minutes of the Committee on Finnish-Canadian Studies, proposed and accepted constitution of the Thunder Bay Finnish Canadian Historical Society and copies of History Notes Newsletter of the TBFCHS, 1990, which outlined published books Project Bay Street (1989) and A Chronicle of Finnish Settlements in Rural Thunder Bay (1996). Incorporation as a non-profit organization, letter of understanding between Lakehead University Library and TBFCHS, affiliation with Ontario Historical Society, request for share certificates held in the Capital Stock of the Finnish Building Company Limited (sale of the Finnish Labour Temple to Finlandia Club of Port Arthur, 2010). Canadian Suomi Foundation donation to the Lakehead University Finnish Chair Fund, 1992. Beginnings of Project Bay Street no. 5 on the cultural history of Northwestern Ontario to include music, theatre, art, craft, & literature with grant assistance from the Secretary of State Department, Student Community Services. Agreements 1979 between Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society and TBFCHS to accept on loan the collection of photographs, documents and artifacts.


This series consists of child care surveys done by the Northwestern Ontario Regional Child Care Committee. Surveys gave provision to child care centres and staff to share information about their community, name of centre, survey respondents, and centre's programs. Surveys provided information about the fees, licencing, subsidies, operating budget/deficit, capital budget, and operating grants. Statistics for staffing/wages/qualifications; overview of benefits, recruitment, and pay equity; and operations, program/policy changes shared important information for advocacy for the future plans, and concerns for child care centres across Northwestern Ontario.

Subject Files

Files on a wide variety of issues and subjects, generated through McRae's role as a Member of Parliament.

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