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Thunder Bay Finnish Canadian Historical Society collection
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Various Finnish materials from Northwestern Ontario

Listing of Finnish materials available from Lakehead University Library (1975) and notes regarding miscellaneous historical information (1870's-1914) ; Fort William Assessment Rolls (1906-1912) ; Emigration Map for 1905 ; Immigration statistics (1900-1973) ; Miscellaneous information from the Henderson's Directory ; Information regarding Intola's commemorative sign ; Items donated by Mrs. Mary MacDonald including Land Deed (1903), Port Arthur Board of Education Election Results (1933, 1934), E. Seppala's advertising poster List of Finnish workers in Northwestern Ontario ; Correspondence regarding Finland's 50th Anniversary of Independence ; Copy of City of Port Arthur Building Permit (1914). 1870's -1975.

Finnish newspaper articles from Northwestern Ontario

Copy of newspaper articles from The Weekly Herald (Fort William), February 22, 1890 donated by the Thunder Bay Historical Museum ; Original news article from The News Chronicle (Port Arthur) entitled "Finns Make Important Contribution to Canada", August 23, 1949 donated by Keith Dennis Copy of newspaper article from Finnish newspaper Helsin~in Sanomat re: Finns in Canada, March 14, 1976 ; Copies of newspaper articles written by Richard Falshaw, correspondent and historian for Kaministiquia area for 40 years (1922-1958). 1890-1958.

Pamphlet entitled 'The Workers' Party and the One Big Union

Pamphlet entitled "The Workers' Party and the One Big Union: from the One Big Union Bulletin (1922) ; Photographs of ribbon from Suomalainen Raittius Seura (Finnish Temperance Society), Fort William (1896) and membership pin , Finnish - Canadian Music and Sports Festival Ribbons for officials, donated by Henry Niemi (1947-1948). 1896-1948.

Thunder Bay's 1st National Evangelical Lutheran Church

Outline of the 1st National Evangelical Lutheran Church's history in Thunder Bay; Emil Seppala's (an active member of the National Evangelical Lutheran Church in Port Arthur) correspondence with Rovasti Veikko V. Varila in Finland describing the history of the church 1897-1967 (1966-67); booklet entitled "Our Three Score Years: A Brief History of the National Evangelical Lutheran Church" written by J.E. Nopola (1958); Booklet entitled "50 Vuotta: 1897-1947" (50 years) written by the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church; Photocopy of article from "The Lutheran Voice" entitled "First Lutheran Church, 60 years in retrospect" ( 195 6); Photocopied manuscript entitled "First Lutheran 60 years 1896-1956; Newspaper article and picture of delegates to Lutheran Church Convention" ( 1940's).

National Lutheran Church Documents

Land deeds from 1898, 1903 and 1911 for building church; copy of a charter "The American Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church Directors" ( 1908); Original handwritten by-laws and notes of the church ( 1908); Booklets of the constitution and by-laws of the Lutheran churches for 1917, 1940 and 1954; Leaflet entitled "The Doctrines of the Church is Obscure in the National Lutheran Church" written by Reverend A.L. Maki (1955) concerning the split in the church; interviews of Mrs. Ilkka, Mrs. Robertson and Mr. and Mrs. Salmela; Receipts, contracts and cancelled cheques from church treasurer 1910-1912.

"Suomi and Silver Mountain"

Manuscript entitled "Suomi and Silver Mountain" - background history of area (2 copies); Notes about Suomi's first settlers, schools, fires, miscellaneous trivia; Photocopied book with unknown title describes the history and present conditions of the mines in rural Thunder Bay (1902); School petitions for S.S. #1 and #2 (1916, 1918); List of 1936 Finnish residents in area; Resident information found in "Siirtokansan Kalenteri 1958"; Interviewswith early Finnish residents in area


Manuscript entitled "Nolalu"; Map of Nolalu area (Lybster Township); Interviews with early residents of area; Manuscript entitled "Finnish Settlements along the Port Arthur Railroad"; Copied excerpts from Lybster S.S. # 1 cash and minute book 1915-47; School petitions for Lybster area, 1904-19; Photocopy of Canadian National Railways ticket for P.D. train (1923-28); List of original Lybster/Nolalu landowners and mine locations 1888-1956; Photocopied newspaper clippings about railways Trunkline and P.D., Cyclone of 1938, Nolalu area, Rosval and Voutilainen's remembrance - the two union leaders who were found dead near Onion Lake Road in 1929( 1930)

Documents regarding Finnish Building Company

Interviews with Karlo Hynna and Eino Kuntsi (English & Finnish) regarding the Finnish Building Company (1982) ; License from City of Thunder Bay granted to Finnish Building Company ( 1924) , Correspondence to Thunder Bay Finnish Canadian Historical Society re: transfer of shares from Finnish Building Company (1979) , Share Certificates (copies & originals). 1905-1970.

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