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#22 (2) Research Paper, [...] presented at Tyumen, USSR Published in Progress

Corrections: by E.R. Zimmermann November 1, 1991. Thank you for contributing to the volume 1992. Progress in Rural Policy and Planning Volume 2 Edited by Andrew W. Gilg, University of Exeter and David Briggs, Robert Dilley, Owen Furuseth, Geoff McDonald. Progress in Rural Policy and Planning Volume Three 1993 Edited by Andrew W. Glig and Mark Blacksell Robert S. Dilley Owen Furuseth Geoff McDonald. Providing post-secondary education in a remote rural area: the example of Northwestern Ontario E. R. Zimmermann and D.R. Pakulak. Tyumen State University - Russia Lakehead University - Canada Proceedings of the Second International Conference

1987 Pension Plan LUFA Committee

1987 - 1990 primarily 1989, memorandum, correspondence, minutes, articles, handwritten notes, and reports surrounding pension law and studies. Agendas, memorandum, and meeting minutes. Members of LUFA executive and Pension Committee from K. Satinder regarding pension fund report, August 4 1987. Memorandum to Dr. H. Akervall from Dr. E.R. Zimmermann regarding pension, September 29 1989. Memorandum to Dr. H. Akervall from F. Poulter regarding item 7 on members

1988 (Pension Plan)

Correspondence to and from Turnbull and Turnbull, 1987/88. Letter regarding the 1986 Retirement Plan for Professional Staff of Lakehead University to Pension Commission of Ontario, December 15 1987. 3rd draft of the Pension Plan dated November, 1988. Correspondence to members of JBC regarding examples of pension comparisons October 26 1988. Correspondence to A. Akram regarding second draft of the Pension Plan for Professional Staff of Lakehead University October 3 1988 and waiver of joint and survivor pension form. Correspondence to LUFA members regarding plan text - second draft suggested changes, October 3 1988. Letter from A.Akram regarding waiver of joint and survivor pension form, September 12 1988. Correspondence to K.P. Satinder regarding pension matters, October 7 1988. Correspondence from A.Akram March 17 1988 (scathing). Various correspondence. A copy of the University of Ottawa Pension Plan, 1987, with a note from Dr Akram[?], October 18, 1988. Laurentian University's retirement plan, plus memorandum of amendments, June 12 1986. LUFA newsletters from 1987, primarily regarding the pension issue, #86/87, issues 8 & 10. A copy of Some Current Pension Issues (Part I) prepared by the Canadian Association of University Teachers' Collective Bargaining Co-Operative, March 1988. From Eckler Partners, 1991 regarding human resources consulting service. Bundle of correspondence, memoranda, and minutes related to Dr. Fayek Ishak case regarding pension claim and Hildegarde Wittle [CONFIDENTIAL]. Copy of Retirement Plan for Professional Staff of Lakehead University amended and consolidated up to and including amendment number 17, October 1986. Conflict between Dr. Akram and Dr. Satinder regarding the latter's handling of Turnbull. Eckler Partners Ltd. John Corp letter to K. Paul Satinder regarding deductibility of employee contribution in excess of $3500 October 19 1988. Sheets on rates of return for pension plans, schedule of events regarding Turnbull


File - CLIO- Correspondence only Abstracts in Separate Folder. List of Available U.S. Journals and Available Foreign Journals. Newsletter from the staff of ABC-CLIO. Correspondences regarding lists of U.S. and foreign titles.from ABC-CLIO (American Bibliographical Center - CLIO Press) 1972. List of Available U.S. Titles. Available Foreign Journals. Delayed report 1972. Issue reassignment 1972. Abstracting assignment of 1972. Correspondence regarding the requirement of an issue 1972, an abstract for the journal 1971, format of your bib heading as follows. Abstracts from Beitrage 1968 1971 and receiving the abstracts for the following issues 1971. Abstract 1971. Delay 1971. Abstracts 1971. Missing issues 1971. First twelve abstract 1971. Correspondence regarding forward these 30 abstracts by the end of this month, August 1971. Abstracts from Einheit 1971. Overdue abstracts 1970. Abstract guidelines 1969. Correspondence regarding seven abstracts. Correspondence regarding first set of abstracts. Invitation to become an abstractor for the American Bibliographical 1969. Abstract Form for Röhner, Eberhard [The picture of man in literature and the revolutionist in our age.] 1970. Abstract Form Doernberg, Stefan (Prof., German Institute for Contemporary History) Lange, Harald (Ph.D., German Institute for Contemporary History) [The treaty between the USSR and the FRG and its opponents in the Federal Republic] 1970. Abstract Form Hoffmann, Heinz (Army Gen., Dipl. ser. mil., Min. of Nat. Def.) [The military - theoretical heritage of Frederick Engel’s works -- Ite validity and vitality in the presence.] 1970. Abstract Form Töpfer, Johanna (Prof., Fritz-Eckert-Uni. of German Trade Unions, Bernau) Hoffmann, Joachim (Ph.D., Free German Trade Union Council, Berlin) [Friedrich Engels on the role of trade unions as class organization during the epoch of capitalism] 1970. Abstract Form Haase, Horst [Frederick Engels and the humanistic heritage of the first bourgeois revolution in Germany.] 1970. Abstract Form Klimaszewsky, Günter (Ph.D., Central Institute of Philosophy, German Academy of Sciences, Berlin) [Revolutionary philosophy and development of science.] 1970. Abstract Form Winzer, Otto (Min. of For. Aff., Berlin) [The GDR’s policy in the struggle for European security.] 1971. Abstract Form Bachmann, Peter (Dietz Verlag, Berlin) [On the rise and fall of Bismarck’s Reich.]. Abstract Form Steiniger, Peter Alfons (Prof., President, German League of United Nations) [The role of United nations in the international struggle of the classes.]. Abstract Form Dohlus, Rolf (Central Committee of Socialist Unity Party, Berlin) [Increasing the fighting strength of our Marxist - Leninist party.] 1971.Abstract Form Corvalan, Luis [Chile: The people gains power.] 1971. Abstract Form Abusch, Alexander (Council of Ministers) [An eagle of the socialist revolution. (On the one-hundredth birthday of Rosa Luxemburg.)] 1971. Abstract.

Academic Development Committee 1965-1975

Lakehead University College of Arts, Science & Technology Memorandum February 1, 1965 Subject Labour College of Canada request for information regarding facilities and tutorial assistance available at Lakehead that might provide a preparatory programme for prospective students of the Labour College. Lakehead College of Arts, Science & Technology

Academic Materials (Personal Statements)

The Framework for Managing and Financing the Post - Secondary System. The community service function of the University 1975. Bruges Week University and Society Towards a European Policy of Higher Education. Draft II A Brief prepared for submission to the Commission on Post-Secondary Education in Ontario by the Lakehead University Faculty Association. Old-Fashioned Views on the Nature and Function of the Modern University in Ontario with a Few Special References to Lakehead University.

Academic Plan

File - Miscellaneous Sup. Material for Acad. Plan (1997). Lakehead University Academic Plan. Draft II Lakehead University Academic Plan (November, 1977)

Academic Plan

Handwritten notes. Correspondence regarding: Motions from the Senate Academic Committee 1976. Handwritten notes - Enrollments 1975/76. Correspondence regarding: Academic Five Year Plan, Faculty of University Schools 1975; Faculty of Science Plan. Senate Committee on Academic Planning Preliminary Report by John Hart, Department of Political Studies. Correspondence regarding: Revised Academic Plan for the Department of Economics 1978. Jan. 1976 Table of Contents. Faculty of Science Lakehead University Five-year Academic Plan April, 1976. Academic Planning -- Faculty of Education, Lakehead University Background. Correspondence regarding: 78/79 Faculty Budget for University Schools. Enrolment Trends - Lakehead University October 7, 1977.

Academic Plan (Working) File Minutes 1977

Notes on Senate Academic Committee October 14th, 1980 Discussion of The Challenge of Substance, A Report of the COU Committee on Long-Range Planning. Handwritten Note - Draft Senate Academic Committee. Senate Academic Committee. 1) Next Meeting 2) Academic Plan 1977. Lakehead University Senate Academic Committee Meeting No. 24 Thursday, October 13, 1977 at 2:30 p.m. Senate Chambers Agenda. Draft Lakehead University Academic Plan (October, 1977)

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