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Northern Woman's Bookstore
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Appraisal Report 65 S. Court Street Thunder Bay, Ontario West Fort William Credit Union Powell Apraisals INC. 1992


Land Forms/Blue Prints

Photographs of Subject Property

Summary of Salient Facts and Conclusions

Assumptions and Limiting Conditions

Definition of the Appraisal Problem

Neighbourhood Description

Site Anaysis

Assessment and Taxes

Land Use Control

Description of the Improvements

Highest + Best Use

Approaches to Value

Direct Comparison Approach

Market Data Analysis - Improved Property Sales

Reconciliation and Final Value Estimate


Appraisal Report 65 South Court Street Thunder Bay, ON as at 02 January 2004 Margaret Phillips Powell Appraisals INC.

Part One Introduction
-Letter of Transmittal
-Photographs of Subject Property
-Executive Summary
Part Two Basis of the Appraisal
-Basis of the Appraisal
Part Three Factual Information:
-Factual Information

  • Neighbourhood Analysis
  • Neighbourhood Map
  • Site Analysis
  • Survey
  • Description of the Improvements
  • Assessment and Property Taxes
  • Land Use Control
    Part Four Analyses and Conclusions
  • Highest and Best Use
  • Approaches to Value
    -Direct Comparison Approach
  • Income Approach to Value
  • Reconciliation and Final Value Estimate
  • Certification
  • City Map
  • Title Documentation
  • Assessment Data
  • Zoning Map
  • Excerpts Form Zoning By - Law
  • Appraiser's Qualifications


Feminist Articles from: SN + R, MS., Women's Review of Books, Sojourner the Women's Forum, Hot Flashes

Order Form: Radio Documentary Cassette A Labor of Love

Feminist Articles from: Herizons

Northern Woman's Bookstore Newsletters

Business Records

Documents regarding the business side of the bookstore. Includes financial material, flyers, newsletters, government documents, and others.


Correspondence between the Northern Woman's Bookstore and its customers, publishing and distribution personnel, and other feminist and local bookstores.

Correspondence 1995

Correspondence regarding: new gay newsletters, payment + shipping, thanks to Margaret, Confirmation of League/Canada Council Funding for a poet's reading - 1994/95 year, evening of poetry, Equay - Wuk's Northern Aboriginal Women's Wellness gathering, Can par no longer offer a call for pick up type of service, book carrying, women's bookstore, support the Bangladesh Feminist Bookstore, Writes of Spring at the Library, Sale, thanks to Margaret, New Sales representative at Addison - Wesley Publishers, In the Name of Development - Exploring Population; Poverty and Development, Application to use bulk mail, sale, winter solstice, January 25 -27, 1995 Northern Ontario Shelter Conference, Order Shipments, and Thanks to Margaret Phillips.

Booklist for Kathy Sky (Order + Correspondence)

Uncommon Knowledge: A critical Guide to Contraception and Reproductive technologies

Correspondence 1996

Correspondence regarding: advertising in Herizons, writer for job, order, yellow pages ads, new book on our resource shelf "Good Grief Rituals; Tools for Healing Willow Ontario Breast Cancer Support Resource Centre, Canadian Dimension's holiday bookstore, where in the world is Canadian Dimension, and Warner Book 1990 Mass Market paperback retailer discount schedule.

Women's Bookstop Autumn 1993

Envelope Contacting:
-Public Readings by Canadian Writers in Canada Application by Host Organization
-Readings Program - Important Notice
-Breasting the Waves on Writing + and Healing Joanne Arnott
-Correspondence on Joanne Arnott

Feminist Print Media Conf Summer 1980

Northern Woman's Bookstore Poster

Developing Feminist Communication in the Maritimes notes for a Presentation Submitted by: Gail Walsh

Lynn McFadgen Publishing Consultant Promotion on a shoestring by Lynn McFadgen Presented 8 May 1980 at the Canadian Periodical Publishers' Association Annual Meeting copyright 1980

Article: Feminist Publishing: where small is not so beautiful by Sharon Batt

Conference Participants [List]

Correspondence on Planning a Conference 1979

Playing the Game - By Our Rules or Theirs by Janet Bele (article)

Article - Feminist Publishing in Canada by Margie Wolfie

Newspaper - Up Stream a Canadian Women's Publication Volume 4, No. 5 final issue July 1980

Proposal to the Woman's Programme, Secretary of State Regarding a Feminist Print Media Conference from: Feminist Publications of Ottawa

Jessica Mitford Poison Penmanship the Gentle Art of Muckraking Alfred A. Knopf New York 1979

Correspondence regrading: Conference 1974, Northern Woman's Journal Office Hours 1977, Northern Woman's Journal Subscriptions 1977, and Northern Woman's Journal Donation 1977.

1978 Casette Recording of Christmas Production Woman World News

Newspaper Article: T-Shirt Game encourages Violence July 5, 1983


Northern Woman's Bookstore 10th Anniversary Literary Quiz

Correspondence to Margaret 1995

Create a Story

Book Summaries

Flyer for the Northern Woman's Bookstore

Letter on Meeting of Northern Woman's Journal to Start feminist bookstore in fall 1983

Correspondence 1998

Newsletter of Northern Woman's Bookstore

Store hours

Interesting - Keep Miscellaneous

Correspondence Regarding: reminiscing,, Canadian Feminist Periodicals, Canadian Content 1992, Moon Blossom Pads Order 1997, Regional Child Care Committee Closing its office, Preforming at the Bookstore, Journal Submissions, book recommendations, academic feminists abroad, Random House of Canada Limited assuming responsibility for distribution of all titles published by McClellled & Stewart (M&S), Tundra Publishing and MacFarlane, Walter & Ross (MW&R) , Play Reading at bookstore 1999, and help with writings.

Poem Shame On

Newspaper article from the Chronicle Journal February 22,2001 "Choices: Eating your words" on bookstore


Book order form No Choice Canadian Women tell their stories of illegal Abortion

Newspaper article from the Chronicle Journal about book "Embracing Sarafina is a Journal of Acceptance"

Newspaper article from Chronicle Journal called "For the love of literature" on Northern Woman's Bookstore

Bookstore Consignment Agreement for "A Father's Day Post- Mortem

Book Posters

Selected Books by Canadian Women Writers Peggy Tripp: Green mantle Get - Together March 3, 2001

Finish Book Ordering Infromation

Newsletters 1987 - 2002

Northern Woman's Bookstore Newsletters:
-Summer 2002
-April 2002
-October 2001

  • December 2000
  • May 2000
  • November 1999
  • August 1999
  • March 1999
  • November 1998
  • September 1998
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  • Sept 1997
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  • November 1995
  • October 1995
  • June 1995
  • March 1995
  • July 1994
  • April 1994
  • March 1994
  • June 1993
  • Calendars 1991
  • 1990 Bookstore Features
  • Fall 1989
  • November 1989

Correspondence regarding books for children on dealing with + presenting sexual abuse

Newspaper Clippings

Newsletters November 23, 1987

Author Readings

Sale Fyler - 1996

Northern Woman's Bookstore

  • Fonds
  • 1976 - 2016

Correspondence, business documentation, staff resources, photographs, and Literacy Group documents, kept by Margaret Phillips of the Northern Woman's Bookstore, of Thunder Bay, Ontario. The store opened in 1984 and had locations on Bay St. and Court Street, before having to close its physical location in 2016.


Photographs of the Northern Woman's Bookstore through the years, including people, events, and physical spaces.

Prairie Publishing Pandora/Inventory


Artist info

1991 Picture + caption

Feminist Bookstores' Catalog

Lifting the lid off ... Pandora Volume Seven, Number One, March, 1992, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Articles Related to Pandora and other Feminist Publications/Stores

Articles from Kinesis on feminist matters


Clip Art

Store event flyers

Press release

Chronicle Journal Article on Bookstore and Margaret Phillips

Book Ads and Summaries

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