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Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre COVID-19 Response

  • Fonds
  • 2020

Documents the public information-sharing of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre during the COVID-19 pandemic beginning March 2020. Daily updates relate to the hospital's readiness and operations, and testing and detection of COVID-19 in the Thunder Bay region. The records include text updates and video interviews with hospital leadership and others.

City of Thunder Bay COVID-19 Response

  • Fonds
  • 2020

Documents the public information-sharing of the City of Thunder Bay during the COVID-19 pandemic beginning March 2020. Videos include Community Addresses with Mayor Bill Mauro, and press events.

Faculty/Staff - Internal LU Correspondence

Meeting topics 1969. Discussion on matters of mutual interest 1970. Party Friday Evening, 7:30 p.m., April 7th, 1972. Thanks for services as secretary 1974. ‘Guide to CAUT’ 1975. Letters of Introduction 1977. ‘Holidays Are Again’ & Research Scouting Enterprise: 1977. Departmental Minutes for the Dept. of History -- May 1979 to Our Last Meeting, April 1980. Charitable Deductions 1982. Lecture series on multi-culturalism 1982. Supporting Dr. Harrower's reappointment 1983. Dr. Epp’s Tenure Ballot 1983. Convocation 1985 . Handwritten personal note. Response to the Report of the Special Committee for the Development of Research at Lakehead University and to the Special Meeting of Faculty and the Senate Academic Committee on Friday, January 17, 1986. Responding to the Report of the Special Committee for the Development of Research at Lakehead University 1986. Handwritten note 1986. Canada/USSR Academic Exchange 1987. Canada/USSR academic exchange program 1987. Notice of award Canada-USSR Academic and Scientific Exchanges 1988 - 1989 For Senior Scholars and Specialists. Memo draft of personal correspondence. Speech Draft - Bob Talk. Correspondences regarding: Salary and Research 1986, Vital Statistics 1986, Office Space Usage 1988, Kenora Experience 1988. Speech - Bob Talk. Correspondences regarding: Retirement gifts, Miscellaneous Worthwhile Historical Projects/Proposals 1989, Visual Arts Appointments Committee 1989, Congratulations on renewal as LU’s President 1990, Correspondences to the Ambassador of Denmark to Canada 1990, Book Orders for History 1100YA Section 1990, Absence from campus and history 1100SAN 1990. Correspondences draft registration hurdles for a student, Your Memorandum, August 15, 1990: Research; Old Fort William reception 1990, Gift 1990, Personal Information. Withdrawing from LUFA activities; Draft - Correction of an Article in The Argus 1991, Congratulations on appointment as Head of the Division of Curriculum and Instruction at The Pennsylvania State University 1991, Enclosed a copy of the paper as presented at Tyumen 1991, Budget and Regrets 1991, Meeting 1992, Prospects; Draft - Library Report 1992, Availability for the academic 1992 - 1993, Tour of the City’s Archive 1992, Faculty Exchange 1993, Election of Senate Representative to the Board 1991; Circumpolar Conference Papers 1991; Coutts Library Service and Related Matters 1991; History 2107 1991; Supervision 1992; Miscellaneous Suggestions, Commentaries and Observations the Present Fiscal Crisis, the Academic Planning Process, etc. 1992; Senator’s Request 1993; Faculty Lounge 1993; Make - Up! And Permission! 1993; History 4801 in 1993-94 Academic Season; History 4801 in 1993-94 Academic Season; Comments on book outline 1993. Handwritten Note Old Fort William Lecture ‘About History’ May 19/93. Correspondence regarding: Tour of Old Fort William 1993; Lakehead University’s Russian Exchange Faculty to tour Old Fort William 1993; Invitation to the Board of Governors’ Annual Dinner 1993; Absence 1993; Fax Transmission Cover Page 1993. Ontario Graduate Scholarship Selection Panels Response Form. Correspondence regarding: Selection Board for the 1994-95 Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) 1993; Examination Copies to Be of Not to Be in Library/and Related Issues 1994; Issues that are of general interest to LUFA 1994; A Book purchase 1994; History 4801 1994; Invitation 1994; Deadline for thesis 1994; CAUT 1994; Avoidance (of future trouble) 1994; Visit to Archives (History Museum Society) 1994; Readership 1994; ‘Ghost - Student’ phenomenon at LU 1994; Potential IV Year Bona Fide Honours History Students 1994; Ms. J. Davies - Student 1994; Invitation to the Board of Governors’ Annual Dinner 1994; History Department 1994; History 4801 and Associated Concerns 1994; History 4801 Corridor Enrollment, Splitting, etc. 1994; The Thunder Bay Amalgamation Oral History Project Agreement 1994; Money [History Scholarships] 1994; Salary 1994; Lakehead University is currently accepting nominations for the prestigious Lakehead University Fellow Award which is conferred 1994; Handwritten draft of letter Addressing LUFA issues. Draft of speech. Correspondence regarding: Next Year’s (1995-96) Teaching Assignment, or ‘Load’ in popular academic jargon 1995; Ethical Delinquency March 1995 nominations for the Nominating Committee of the Board of Governors, Lakehead University 1995; Ethical Delinquency 1995; Socialization 1995; History 4001 1995; Retirement of Human Resource 1995; Program Revision 1995; Honorary Woodrow Wilson Fellow 1995; Lean & Mean: The New Age Library Acquisition Policy 1995; Public Lecture 1995; Money! [claiming tuition waiver] 1995; December’s Green Paper Meeting 1995. Notes. Correspondence regarding: Quick Fix while waiting for the Big Bang 1995; December’s Green Paper Meeting 1995; Working Titles and Abstracts 1995; Resumption 1995; February 7: Day of Action 1996; Meetings 1996; Lecture Title 1996; Proposal for History 4801 (for 1996/97); Application 1996; Appointment of Professor Emeritus at the spring convocation 1996; Cancellation 1996; Retirement gifts 1996; Rite of Passage retirement event 1996; Availability 1996-97; Re - engineering: Right - Sizing !!! 1996; History 4801 1996; Availability 1996-97; History 4801 1996; Generous donation to the scholarship fund 1996; Transfer Departmental Library Rep. Functions 1996; The Future 1996; Continue your membership in the Lakehead University Faculty Association by joining the Emeritus Members Advisory Committee 1996; The Missing Bibliographies (primary and secondary sources) 1997; LU-OSOTF 1997; Forwarding a letter 1997; Dr. G. O. Rothney Dean of Arts 1997; Thank you for servicing on behalf of Canada’s university teachers 1997. Notes 1998. Correspondence regarding: Dr. G. Schroeter’s Memorial Service 1999; End teaching involvement in History 4801 2001; Scholarship donation 2001; Contributions 2001.

Dr. A. Akram

Correspondences regarding Congratulations 1978. St. Joseph's Hospital allegations in 1982. Psychology Reflection of a Zetetic A. M. Akram Paper presented in series: Psychology Dialogues, Department of Psychology, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay Ontario. November 12, 1986. Type A Behavior Pattern (TABP) Anatomy of a Failed Paradigm A. M. Akram Department of Psychology Lakehead University Thunder Bay, Ontario. October 7, 1987. Type A Behavior Pattern. Correspondence regarding: Lakehead University The Budget Committee’s Recommendations 1988, Senate Budget Committee's Recommendations for Staff Complement 1988-89. Notes on Aug. 8/88. Correspondence regarding: Retroactive Strike Pay 1988, Professor Emeritus 1989, Professor Emeritus with policy 1989, Merit, Article 32. 0. 05 1989, Handwritten correspondence 1993. Personal handwritten correspondence 1995. The Behavioral and Brain Sciences (1982) 5, 187-255 Printed in the United States of America Peer-review practices of psychological journals: The fate of published articles, submitted again Douglas P. Peters Department of Psychology, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, N. D. Stephen J. Ceci Department of Human Development and Family Studies, Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y. Lakehead University Library - Interlibrary Loans Service; Accountability in Research, Vol. 2, pp. 297-301 Letters to the Editor Grant Agencies versus the Search for Truth Richard Gordon President, Canadian Society for Theoretical Biology Departments of Radiology; and Botany University of Manitoba, Winnipeg. Lakehead University Library - Interlibrary Loans Service: Letters to the Editor Bicameral Grant Review: An Alternative to Conventional Peer Review; Lakehead University Library - Interlibrary Loans Service: Malice’s Wonderland: Research Funding and Peer Review D. H. Osmond Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, the University of Toronto, Received November 8, 1982; Revised 1, 1982.

Dr. G. Schroeter / Advertisements for New Faculty

Notes. Received Wisdom Versus Historical Fact: on the Mutual Awareness of Weber and Pareto - Alan M. Sica University of Kansas - The Journal of The History of Sociology and International Review Volume I, Number 2 Spring, 1979. Review Essay The Buckskin Curtain as Shibboleth and Security - Blanket by Gerd Schroeter Prison of Grass: Canada from the Native Point of View. By Howard Adams. New Press. 238 pp., $12.95 The Harrowing of Eden: White Attitudes Toward North American Natives. By J. E. Chamberlin. Fitzhenry and Whiteside, 248 pp., $10.95 [Seabury Press, $8.95] Natives Without A Home. By Mark Nagler. Longman Canada, 85 pp., $2.95 The Indian Identity Crisis. By Henry Zentner. Strayer Publications, 121 pp., $7.50. Ideals of Psychologists The Rise of Experimentation in American Psychology Jill G. Morawski, Ed. Yale University Press, New Haven, CT, 1988. Xx, 220 pp. $24.50. Damir Mirkovi?, Dialectic and Sociological Thought. St. Catherines: Diliton Publications, 1980, 194 pp., $11.95 paper. Canadian Ethnic Studies Association ninth biennial conference Ethnicity and a new Canada Edmonton 1981. In Search of Ethnicity: Multiculturalism in Canada by Gerd Schroeter A Future to Inherit: The Portuguese Communities of Canada. By Grace M. Anderson and David Higgs. McClelland and Stewart in association with the Multiculturalism Program, Department of the Secretary of State of Canada, 202 pp., $5.95 paper, $12.95 cloth A Member of a Distinguished Family: The Polish Group in Canada. By Henry Radecki with Benedykit Heydenkorn. McClelland and Stewart in association with the Multiculturalism Program, Department of the Secretary of State of Canada, 240 pp., $5.95 paper, $12.95 cloth The Scottish Tradition in Canada. Edited by W. Stanford Reid. McClelland and Stewart in association with the Multiculturalism Program, Department of the Secretary of Canada, 324 pp. $5.95 paper, $12.95 cloth. Social Problems, XVI (Winter 1969) Protection of Confidentiality in the Courts: The Professions* Gerd Schroeter Carleton University. Correspondence. Newspaper clippings. All of Baba's Children. By Myrna Kostash. Hurtig, 1977. 414 pp. $12.95. Correspondence Regarding “Annual Report to the Dean” from Gerd Schroeter 1979. Correspondence to Gerd Schroeter 1976 - 1978. Wörterbuch der Soziologie , by Günter Hartfiel. Stuttgart: Alfred Kröner Verlag, 1972, 696 pp. DM 22,00. Gerd Schroeter Hull, Quebec Contemporary Sociology: A Journal of Reviews. Empirical Social Research in Weimar Germany, by Susanne P. Schad . Paris and The Hague: Mouton and Company, 1972. 155 pp. Gerd Schroeter University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon. Moderne Amerikanische Soziologie. Neuere Beitrage zur Soziologischen Theorie, edited with an Introduction by Heinz Hartmann. Second revised edition. Stuttgart: Ferdinand Enke Verlag and Deutscher Taschenbuchverlag. 1973. Immigrant Children and Canadian Schools. By Mary Ashworth, McClelland and Stewart. 228 pp., $5.95 - Gerd Schroeter. Politics and Territory: The Sociology of Regional Persistence in Canada. By Mildred A. Schwartz. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 1974. 344 pp. $14.75. Reviewer: Gerd Schroeter, University of Saskatchewan. Harry H. Hiller, Canadian Society: A Sociological Analysis. Scarborough: Prentice-Hall of Canada, 1976, xvi, 200 pp,. $5 paper Gerd Schroeter.
Quebec: Social Change and Political Crisis. By Dale Posgate and Kenneth McRoberts. Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1976. Pp. 216. $4.95. Gerd Schroeter Lakehead University July 1977. Die Arbeit tun die anderen: Klassenkampf und Priesterherrschaft der Intellektuellen, by Helmut Schelsky. Opladen: Westdeutscher Verlag, 1975. 376 pp. No price listed Gerd Schroeter Lakehead University. Success and Failure: Indians in Urban Society. By W. T. Stanbury (assisted by Jay H. Siegel). University of British Columbia Press, 1976, 415 pp., $17.95. Guy Rocher, Talcott Parsons and American Sociology. London: Nelson, 1974, pp. 201, $5.75 Gerd Schroeter/Lakehead University. Indian and White: Self-Image and Interaction in A Canadian Plains Community . By Niels Winther Braroe. Stanford University Press, 1975, 205 pp., $8.50 Gerd Schroeter. The Insider as Outsider: Max Weber’s Impact on German Sociology During the Weimar Republic by Gerd Schroeter Department of Sociology Lakehead University Presented at the ninth annual meeting of the International Society for the History of the Behavioral and Social Sciences (Cheiron), University of Colorado, June 9-11, 1977. Max Weber as Outsider: His Nominal Influence on German Sociology in the Twenties Gerd Schroeter. Contemporary Sociology IX, 4 (July 1980) The History of Sociology as Discourse Klassiker des soziologischen Denkens, Vol. I: Von Comre bis Durkheim; Vol. II: Von Weber bis Mannheim, edited by Dirk Käsler Munich: C. H. Beck, 1976 (I), 1978 (II). 532 and 591 pp., respectively. NPL, cloth. Gerd Schroeter Lakehead University. Handwritten notes. Correspondences regarding: Sabbatical and promotion to associate professor 1980, lack of Standards in Sociology 1980,
implications for the Review Process; Memo to Members of the Ad Hoc Committee on Travel Funds (November 15, 1979),
Report 1979, Report From Faculty of Arts Travel Committee 1979, personal correspondence 1978, Lakehead University, Faculty of Arts Duties of Deputy Deans, 1979 - 1980. Correspondences regarding: Teaching Evaluations 1978, Dr. G. Schroeter 1979,
Participation in you “think tank” or mutual admiration society 1978, retrenchment in the halls of academe 1978, bibliography in Canadian Society, Memorial service for Dr. G. Schroeter 1999, letter of reference for Dr. Gerd Schroeter 1982, letter 1982. Photograph. Memorial Service handout. Correspondences regarding: Personal correspondence 1999, remembering Gerd Schroeter Alan Sica, burial location in Russia. Personal correspondence 1998. In Memoriam Remembering Gerd Schroeter Alan Sica. Correspondence regarding: Gerd’s Memorial Service March 25, 1999; Eulogies for Gerd Schroeter. Newspaper article - Coroner looks into death of professor hit by vehicle the Chronicle - Journal. Agora March 1999 Vol. 16, No. 3 - In Memoriam Dr. Gerd Schroeter. Obituaries for Dr. Gerd Schroeter. Email printout of personal correspondence to Gerd Schroeter. Curriculum Vitae of Gerd Schroeter. Schroeter Memorial Service, Proposal.

Correspondence 1965 -2001 1. Personal Salary 2. Correspondence to institutions

Correspondences related to information from the Embassy of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Information Service 1965, the literature on historical questions from the U.S.S.R. Embassy in Canada Press Office 1965, Lakehead University's offer of an appointment as Lecturer in History at a starting salary of $8,000. 1967, hiring paperwork from Lakehead University 1967, meeting Mr. Williamson 1968, films from CBC and BBC on the battle at Agincourt 1968, copy of a paper on "Canada's Trade with Eastern Europe" 1968. Notes on salary 1968-1970. Notice of Motion It is moved that the following salary offer be ratified by the Lakehead University Faculty Association 1970. Correspondences regarding anticipated salary at Lakehead University, salary for the academic year 1968-69 at Lakehead University, anticipated salary for 1969-70 at Lakehead University, order of Krasnyi Arkhiv -- Red Archives requiring information from the Krasnyi Arkhiv 1969, salary from Lakehead University for 1969. Summer Session, remuneration for 1969-70 from Lakehead University, Income Tax Deduction - Extension Earnings from Lakehead University 1969, salary at Lakehead University 1969, internal form at Lakehead University 1970, last year’s promised this year's increment 1969, Mr. Zimmermann, Promotion 1968, notification on the award of a doctorate to Ernest Zimmermann and promotion 1968, congratulations on receiving Doctorate 1968, salary 1968, salary schedule 1969, salary offer ‘68 - ‘69, payment of salary at Lakehead University 1967, salary scales for the academic year 1970 - 71 1970, salary for the year commencing July 1st, 1970, the salary for summer school, 1970, salary for the year commencing July 1st, 1969, new increment and salary for 1971/72, an invitation to do a lecture in class 1972. Restricted -Statement from Thursday, November 8, 1973, promotion to Associate Professor 1974, Promotion Appeal Procedure 1974. Sabbatical leave and Income Taxes W. Charles Hebdon Research Director, Financial Planning Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations November 1975. L.U.F.A. Correspondence from the Governor-General of Canada regarding his appointment in 1979. General about the folder: correspondence regarding salaries and positions within the university and other official universities. Correspondence to Dr. Zimmermann as well as colleague correspondence between 1965 - 2001.

Professional 1968 - 2001 outside LU

Kraus Bibliographical Bulletin No. 13 September 1976 Slavic Studies Special issue Published on the occasion of the Eight National Convention sponsored by the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies The Slavic Conference to be held in St. Louis, Missouri, in October 1976. Poster - Public Lecture Sponsored By Lakehead University Department of History A Reassessment of the Role of Tsaritsa Alexandra in the Reign of Nicholas II Speaker: Ernest R. Zimmermann Dean of Arts, Lakehead University Date: Wednesday, March 14th, 1979. Correspondences from Sam Houston State University A Member of the Texas State University System regarding survey the practices of historians, The Permanent Mission of Canada to the United Nations regarding support. Letter to Gesellschaft ‘Neue Heimat’ 1086 Berlin Mauerstrasse 52 DDR= German Democratic Republic [In German] [Letter to the Editor of Gesellschaft Neue Heimat], taking care of my telephone negotiation for the Great Plains Historians’ Conference, Deputy Minister of Trade and Commerce regarding a copy of a paper on “Canada’s Trade with Eastern Europe” 1968, a paper 1969, obtaining a copy of your paper presented at a conference on Eastern Europe at McMaster University, Hamilton, On October 25, 1968 - 1969, enclosed bibliography of books on Irish History as prepared by Mr. B. Greenhous 1969. Book List on Irish History, a paper entitled “The Role of V. I. Lenin in the Life of the USSR” 1970, a paper entitled Russia and Eastern Europe: the Soviet Dilemmas” 1970, a copy of a paper entitled ‘The Convergence of Two Systems: Theory and Practice’ 1970, regarding Me. Page’s curriculum vitae 1971, a paper on “Russia and Eastern Europe: the Soviet Dilemmas” 1970, a copy of the [Department of State Washington, D.C.]’s report “Public Availability of Diplomatic Archives” 1970, Rocky Mountain Association for Slavic Studies regarding sponsored a section on Russian and Eastern European studies, a session on ‘The German Problem’ 1971, copies of the papers presented at a conference 1971, a modification which should be made to the entries under your name in the Research Council’s Inventory of Research in Progress 1971, Inventory of Research in Progress 1971. Le Conseil Canadien de Recherches sur les Humanités Humanities Research Council of Canada Inventory of Research in Progress in Canadian Universities Inventaire des Recherches en cours dans Les Universites Canadiennes. Index. History. Correspondences regarding request your assistance in locating two friends who are alumni of the University of British Columbia 1973, assistance in locating a friend,1974, thanks for contribution to election telecast 1974 from CHFD-TV, membership of the Canadian Committee should be open to all interested scholars 1975, Department of External Affairs regarding enclosed copy of Mr. Black’s notes. 1976. Notes for Address by E. P. Black, Director General, Bureau of European Affairs to the Conference on the Communist States in the Era of Detente McMaster University, Hamilton Friday, October 10, 1975, The Future of East - West Relations. Correspondences regarding invitation from German-Canadian Club 1976, the current calendar of Audio Visual Material from Confederation College 1976, enclosed cheque for payment of Report of the Consultative Group on the Needs of Scholars at Small Universities 1978, invitation to McMaster University's semi-centenary 1978, a copy of A. A. Massolov’s at the Court of the Last Tsar in English 1976, participating in Mersh 1983., catching up with a friend, agreement 1982, regarding questionnaire 1982, Canadian Studies Programme undergoing review and re-assessment 1982, ACS Canadian Studies Directory and Faculty Listing Deadline: November 15, 1982. New ACS Project Intercultural/Interregional Enrichment 1982. Canadian Studies Directory Questionnaire. Canadian Studies Directory Faculty File Form. Correspondences regarding general circular 1983, an edition of The Modern Encyclopedia of Russian and Soviet History 1983, application forms for fellowship and short term grants 1983, developing a department of Canadian Studies 1983, enclosed submission for the entry of ‘A.S. Viazigin’ 1984. MERSH = The Modern Encyclopedia of Russian and Soviet History,1984. Bibliography of A. S. Viazigin, entry on Viazigin 1984, tear sheets of entry in MERSH/42 1986, release for the article “Viazigin, Andrei Sergeevich” 1986, surveying faculty to identify the nature and extent of occupational stress in academe for doctoral research 1986, availability for interview 1987, interview follow up from questionnaire 1987, request for participation in a survey of career progress and satisfaction among Canadian faculty members in universities. 1987. Correspondences regarding letter on behalf of Dr. Rodger 1990, a donation to the Arms Control Centre today, a national study of part-time and limited-term faculty in Canada 1992, information on three related one-day events that are scheduled in Grand Marais between October 20 and next March 23. 1992. A Community Venture in World Affairs Education North Shore Public Discussion Opportunities International Rescue and Restoration of Countries in Crisis: What Prospects for Creating a Better World? Grand Marais, Minnesota October 20 and December 1, 1992, and March 23, 1993, Sponsored By Cook County Community Education Library Friends of Cook County Institute for International Studies University of Minnesota, Duluth In Cooperation With Grand Marais Public Library Supported in Part by Grants from Library Friends of Cook County and Minnesota Humanities Commission. Correspondences regarding a comment on the draft “Guidelines for the Appointment of Members of University Governing Bodies” from the Task Force on University Accountability 1992, an invitation to an international conference entitled “Environmental Security after Communism” to be held at Carleton University, Ottawa, On February 26-27, 1993, doctoral student’s research questionnaire for Chairs, Deans, and Faculty who have been involved in the process in the last four years 1993, correct and actualize the printouts from questionnaires 1993, not yet received your annual appeal gift for 1993, 1994-95 Competition Materials Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program competition from Ontario Ministry of Education and Training 1994, 1994-95 Ontario Graduate Scholarship Competition 1994, thanks for help in making this year’s competition a successful one 1994, an nvitation to participate in a delegation of archivists, librarians, educators in those fields, and information specialists to visit St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia, and Warsaw, Poland, this October. 1995, regarding a questionnaire from an SSHRC funded study to map the field of social science in Canada 1996, Thunder Bay Amalgamation Oral History Project regarding request an opportunity to tape-record some of your personal memories of the event and your part in it, the Archives Association of Ontario membership 1996, ordering a copy of the 1997 McMaster University Alumni Directory 1997, up-dating files 1998, intention to donate material to the University of Winnipeg 1998, Thanks for donation to Brandon University Library 1999, help in a study exploring the use archival materials in historical research 2001, a questionnaire for a research project being conducted by professors at the Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto 2001, questionnaire asking about your use of archival materials from the Austrian Institute of East - And Southeast European Studies Faculty of Information Studies. Austrian Institute of East - And Southeast European Studies Questionnaire for a Handbook/Database of International Research on Soviet, East-And Southeast European Studies Part II: Researchers.

China: Johnson Lectures 1978

Correspondences regarding expenses and honorarium and session attendance 1978, lectures success 1978, expenses and lecture attendance/success, China Lectures, and payment to Dr. Johnson 1978. Lakehead University Cheque Requisition Return to Accounts Payable Dept with Supporting Documents. Poster - Which Way New China? An illustrated public lecture by Dr. E.H. Johnson Board of World Mission, Presbyterian Church in Canada Dr. Johnson has made three visits to the People’s Republic of China - in 1973, 1975 and 1977. In addition, he served there as a missionary for six years. Correspondence regarding informing students of Dr. Johnson’s lectures. 1978. Missionary Profile The Rev. E. H. (Ted) Johnson 6/76.
Notes. Correspondence regarding request for lecture rooms 1978.
Correspondence regarding dates Dr. E. H. Johnson will be in Thunder Bay 1978. Lakehead University Room Confirmation Date of Request 28 Feb/7 Number of Persons Attending Room Required for Lecture Series-China. Correspondences regarding availability for lectures 1978, regarding availability 1977, interest in a return visit to Lakehead 1977, financing a well - organized and well - Publicized programme on China 1977 and thanks for arranging the meeting with students and faculty 1977.
Canada China Programme Canada China information flyer. Profile Dr. Raymond L. Whitehead April 1976. China Consultation. China and Ourselves Newsletter of the Canada China Programme No. 7 September 1977. China Associate Associate Membership in the Canada China Programme. Lakehead University Memorandum on China Lectures 1978.


File - CLIO- Correspondence only Abstracts in Separate Folder. List of Available U.S. Journals and Available Foreign Journals. Newsletter from the staff of ABC-CLIO. Correspondences regarding lists of U.S. and foreign titles.from ABC-CLIO (American Bibliographical Center - CLIO Press) 1972. List of Available U.S. Titles. Available Foreign Journals. Delayed report 1972. Issue reassignment 1972. Abstracting assignment of 1972. Correspondence regarding the requirement of an issue 1972, an abstract for the journal 1971, format of your bib heading as follows. Abstracts from Beitrage 1968 1971 and receiving the abstracts for the following issues 1971. Abstract 1971. Delay 1971. Abstracts 1971. Missing issues 1971. First twelve abstract 1971. Correspondence regarding forward these 30 abstracts by the end of this month, August 1971. Abstracts from Einheit 1971. Overdue abstracts 1970. Abstract guidelines 1969. Correspondence regarding seven abstracts. Correspondence regarding first set of abstracts. Invitation to become an abstractor for the American Bibliographical 1969. Abstract Form for Röhner, Eberhard [The picture of man in literature and the revolutionist in our age.] 1970. Abstract Form Doernberg, Stefan (Prof., German Institute for Contemporary History) Lange, Harald (Ph.D., German Institute for Contemporary History) [The treaty between the USSR and the FRG and its opponents in the Federal Republic] 1970. Abstract Form Hoffmann, Heinz (Army Gen., Dipl. ser. mil., Min. of Nat. Def.) [The military - theoretical heritage of Frederick Engel’s works -- Ite validity and vitality in the presence.] 1970. Abstract Form Töpfer, Johanna (Prof., Fritz-Eckert-Uni. of German Trade Unions, Bernau) Hoffmann, Joachim (Ph.D., Free German Trade Union Council, Berlin) [Friedrich Engels on the role of trade unions as class organization during the epoch of capitalism] 1970. Abstract Form Haase, Horst [Frederick Engels and the humanistic heritage of the first bourgeois revolution in Germany.] 1970. Abstract Form Klimaszewsky, Günter (Ph.D., Central Institute of Philosophy, German Academy of Sciences, Berlin) [Revolutionary philosophy and development of science.] 1970. Abstract Form Winzer, Otto (Min. of For. Aff., Berlin) [The GDR’s policy in the struggle for European security.] 1971. Abstract Form Bachmann, Peter (Dietz Verlag, Berlin) [On the rise and fall of Bismarck’s Reich.]. Abstract Form Steiniger, Peter Alfons (Prof., President, German League of United Nations) [The role of United nations in the international struggle of the classes.]. Abstract Form Dohlus, Rolf (Central Committee of Socialist Unity Party, Berlin) [Increasing the fighting strength of our Marxist - Leninist party.] 1971.Abstract Form Corvalan, Luis [Chile: The people gains power.] 1971. Abstract Form Abusch, Alexander (Council of Ministers) [An eagle of the socialist revolution. (On the one-hundredth birthday of Rosa Luxemburg.)] 1971. Abstract.

Book Reviews

List of Book Reviews. [Book Review] Victor Serge. Russia Twenty Years After. Translated from the French by Max Shachtman. Newly edited by Susan Weissman. Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey; Humanities Press International, 1996. LI, 345 pp. Paper $19.99. [Book Review] from the Canadian Journal of History/Annales Canadiennes Histoire XXVII, December/Histoire XXVII, December/décembre 1993 Russian Peasant Women, edited by Beatrice Farnsworth and Lynne Viola. Don Millis, Ontario University Press, 1992. 304 pp. $20.95. [Book Review] Revue Canadienne Des Slavistes An Atlas of Russian History: Eleven centuries of Changing Borders. Allen F. Chew. New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1970. Pp. xi, 127. $5.45 (Available in Canada through McGill-Queen’s University Press, Montreal). [Book Review] Diplomat of Imperial Russia, 1903 -1917. Memoirs. Nicholas De Basily. Stanford: Hoover Institution Press, 1973. 201 pp. $6.00. [Book Review] Russian Rightists and the Revolution of 1905, by Don C. Rawson. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1995. XVI, 283 pp. $64.95/$29.95. [Book Review] Canadian Slavonic Papers East German Civil-Military Relations: The Impact of Technology, 1949-72. Dale Roy Herspring. New York: Praeger, 1973. Xxxxvii, 216 pp. $17.50. [Book Review] Book Reviews/Comptes rendus Vol. 31, No. 4 (Winter 1997) Victor Serge. Russia Twenty Years After. Translated by Max Shachtman. Newly edited by Susan Weissman. Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey; Humanities Press International, 1996. LI, 345 pp. Paper $19.95. [Book Review] Ineluctable Contradictions in the Disintegration of the Communist World: The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Empire, by Raymond Pearson. New York, St. Martin’s Press, 1998. XIX, 194 pp. $55. (cloth), $19.95 (paper); The Communist Movement since 1945, by Willie Thompson. Malden, Massachusetts, Blackwell Publishers, 1998. X, 262 pp. $26.95; Soviet History in the Yeltsin Era, by Robert William Davies. New York, St. Martin’s Press, 1997, 1997. VIII, 264 pp. $26.95; The Living and the Dead. The Rise and Fall of the Cult of World War II in Russia, by Nina Tumarkin. New York, Basic Books, 1994. XII, 242 pp. $22. [Book Review] German Politics under Soviet Occupation. Henry Krisch. New York/ London: Columbia University Press, 1974. XII, pp. 312. [Book Review] Revue Canadienne Des Slavistes An Atlas of Russian History: Eleven Centuries of Changing Borders. Allen F. Chew. New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1970. Pp. xi, 127. $5.45 (Available in Canada through McGill-Queen’s University Press, Montreal). [Book Review] Russian Social Democracy in the Underground. A Study of the RSDRP in the Ukraine, 1907-1914. Ralph Carter Elwood. Assen. The Netherlands: Van Gorcum Ltd. XX, 304 pages. [Book Review] German Politics under Soviet Occupation. Henry Krisch. New York/ London: Columbia University Press, 1974. XII, pp. 312. [Book Review] Alexander V. Zenkovsky. Stolypin: Russia’s Last Great Reformer. translation Margaret Patoski (with prefaces by P.E. Mosely and M. Stolypina - Book and a postword by S. A. Zenkovsky). Princeton, N.J., The Kingston Press, Inc., 1986, X, 146 pp. [Book Review] Goodspeed, D. J. The German Wars 1914-1945. Toronto: MacMillan of Canada, 1977. 561 p. Maps. notes. Index. ISBN 0-7705-1560-3. [Book Review] WWII German -- politics & govt --1933-1945 De Jaeger, Charles. The Linz File: Hitler’s Plunder of Europe’s Art. Toronto: John Wiley & Sons Canada, 1981. 192p. Illus. Bibliog. Index. $14.95. ISBN 0-471-79940-8. Book Review January 1983. [Book Review] Nurenberger, M. J. The Sacred and the Doomed: The Jewish Establishment vs. the Six Million. Oakville, Ont.: Mosaic Press, 1985. 261p. Illus. Bibliog. $12.95; $6.95pa. ISBN 0--88962-290-6; 0-88962-289-2pa. [Book Review] Littman, Sol. War Criminal on Trial: The Rauca Case. Toronto: Lester & Orpen Dennys, 1983. 194p. Illus. Bibliog. $17.95. ISBN 0--88619-037-1. [Book Review] Keyserlingk, Robert H. Austria in World War II: An Anglo-American Dilemma. Montreal/Kingston, Ontario: McGill/Queen’s University Press, 1988. Pp. I, 325 and photographs, appendixes, bibliography, and index. $29.95.

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