Item report

Archival description hierarchy

# Reference code Title Dates Access restrictions
1 Photocopied newspaper clippings about violinist Gary Lake None
2 Photocopies of handwritten music None
3 Photocopies of songs and lyrics by Jack Koski None
4 Song Written by Jack Jackson entitles "Kotiinpaluu" None
5 Photocopied Newspaper Clippings of Concert Pianist Dora Alanen None
6 Photocopy of Jacob Sheare's handwritten music book None
7 Photocopy of Gunnar Wickstrom's diary from 1919- 21. None
8 Y.S. Saivi's Songbook None
9 Gunnar Wickstroms music lesson diary None
10 Photocopy of a music dictionary entitled "Vieraskielinen Musiikkisanasto" None
11 Photocopied newspaper clippings from 1930's-50's None
12 Songbook Entitled "Humoristiseja Lauluja" 1921 None
13 Photocopy of Honorary Diploma to Helen Naykka from Oras Choir 1977 None
14 Journal of Plays from Canadian News Service None
15 Catalogues of Plays available for Rent 1938- 1970. None
16 Typed List of Plays None
17 Catalogues of Plays None
18 Correspondence, Newspaper Clippings, and Examples of Artwork and Sketches None
19 Poem Written by Annie Vase None
20 Photocopy of Oras membership and rule booklet None
21 Photocopy of a Kunniakirja 1967 None
22 "History of Sointula" None
23 Notebook from Finnish School in PA 1975 None
24 Rules and Agreement Form None